Left to Right: Phillip Laibe, James Robinson, Clint Shivers and James Cox

By Clint Shivers, Baker County, LP.

James Cox was the guest speaker at the Northeast Libertarians gathering where he addressed about 30 people about FIJA. The presentation was engaging and the Q&A was stimulating, James did a great job representing what FIJA stands for!! That was last night, today James, Shelly, Phillip, Jim, and myself all met outside the Federal Courthouse in Jacksonville at 8:00 this morning and begun handing out materials.

We all took a quick lunch and went over to the Landing where we gave out more info to the passersby on their lunch break on the sidewalks. The hired security came out after about 45 minutes and asked us to leave so we all decided to truck it on over to the county courthouse. By this time the sun was bearing down full force and it was getting H-O-T. Despite the heat we mustered through another hour or so and managed to hand out about 750 brochures by the end of the day!

We made some friends, gathered some contacts, and James left us with a starter pack of materials so that we can continue to educate the public at large on a regular basis! Thanks to everyone who came out! Thanks to James and Shelly for taking the time to make the long drive to the Jacksonville area you guys are awesome! We hope to have you back soon.

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