On Wednesday June 7th 2010 I was invited by Chris LeRoux to a The Restore America Plan meeting at the IHOP restaurant in Tampa, Florida.  The Restore America Plan is also part of The Guardians Of The Free American Republics.  The room was pretty packed with approximately 60 people that were there to talk and discuss restoring America and putting it back into the hands of the people.

The people at this meeting were the average everyday American, and realize that we are all sovereigns, that we are all kings and queens of the land.

I thought that I was invited there to listen and maybe network after the meeting, but they asked the new members to stand up and introduce themselves and speak for about ten minutes.   This was awesome, so I spoke about FIJA ,  my activism, and handed out brochures to people so that they could be educated on FIJA.  I asked if the people in the meeting would join us and I got a very positive response.

When the meeting ended some of the people came up and spoke to me more about FIJA.  They asked for more brochures so that they could hand them out at other meetings, and also to give them to family and friends.

This was a great meeting with great people, I would encourage everyone to get involved with this group.

I gave to the people in this group approximately 400 brochures for them to get educated, to hand to friends and families, and to give out at other meetings that they are involved in. – I will definitely be back to this groups meeting when I am in town.

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