The weather was overcast and could not make its mind up, if it was going to rain or if the sun was going to come out.

I have always found the Marshals to be friendly at the Tampa Federal Court House at 801 North Florida Avenue Tampa, FL 33602-3800.  They always say good morning and ask me how I am doing.

I was joined around 10AM by Chris LeRoux who is very passionate about FIJA activism.  Chris said to me once “I love FIJA because it only takes one educated Juror to free a man from unjust laws and an unjust system. That means every potential Juror I educate equates to potentially sticking the middle finger in the eye of the blue uniformed and black robed thugs.”

It was very slow around the court house in the morning, both Chris and I could not wait till lunch came, so that we could head into the city and get some real foot traffic.

Lunch time came and we headed into the city to have pizza at our favorite pizza place at: Eddie Sams NY Pizza, located at 203 East Twiggs, Tampa, FL. As always the pizza was delicious.

We headed to the city square were we got real busy handing brochures out to the passers by.

At 2PM we headed back to the courthouse and carried out handing out brochures.  In total we handed out 416 brochures.

Chris has been going to local gun stores and  smoke shops and leaving brochures with the owners.  I gave Chris 100 brochures to carry on with this activism.

In all a good day.

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  1. James Oliver says:

    I like the collage photo 🙂

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