Caught Reading A FIJA Brochure Outside The Federal Courthouse In Tampa, Florida

Today I took a trip out to Tampa, Florida to educate the folks of the bay area.

The sky was clear and it was humid, but in the shadow of the tall Federal Courthouse at: 801 N. Florida Avenue, Tampa, Florida it was rather chilly. I hung around the courthouse handing out FIJA brochures, thats when I snapped the photo of this lady, who sat down to read the brochure that I had just handed to her.

After an hour I headed over to the county courthouse to do some serious activism and education.

Lady at The Tampa County Courthouse Reading FIJA Brochure

The Tampa Hillsborough Courthouse located at: 800 E. Twiggs Street, Tampa, Florida, is really busy. That is where I took a photo of this lady reading the FIJA brochure.

While people were waiting they were reading and some of them came and told me “Thank you” and “I never knew that.”

Today I handed out 590 brochures, another good day of activism.

Join us in Orlando on Thursday, September 30, 2010 starting at the Orlando Federal Courthouse.

Start off at: 7:00AM Orlando Federal Court House: 401 West Central Boulevard Orlando, FL 32801-0401
Then at 10:00AM – Orange County Court House at 415 N Orange Ave Orlando, FL 32801.
Then at 7:00PM Over to UCF – YAL/NORML @ UCF Hosting American Drug War Screening   –
Contact information:
James Cox 727.386.9192 –
John Kurtz – 407.575.1424 –

Facebook Event:

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