James Cox at The Tampa County Courthouse

The weather seems to have cooled off now here in Florida. Today was sunny with a cools breeze and no humidity.

I arrived at the Federal Courthouse at: 801 N. Florida Avenue Tampa Florida and started to distribute FIJA brochures. Within a minute there was a Marshal stood at the side of me.  I had never seen this guy before. He said “I would like to search your bag.”  I said what for?” He said “It’s a matter of security.”  I said “I don’t consent to searches.” He said “Well I need to search it.” I said “No!” “This is city property it is not owned by the Federal Government.”  He said “Well as you can see we don’t even allow for parking for the public around the courthouse.” “I want to search your bag.” I said “No, I do not consent to searches, under what jurisdiction?”  At this point he turned away and started to talk into his radio.   Within twenty seconds about five Marshals appeared (these guys all know who I am, I have spoken to all these Marshals on previous occasions).  One asked “Who is he calling about, you?”  I said “I guess.”  He laughed.  The supervisor came out and spoke to the Marshal, who then stayed on the plat and never came back to search my bag. LOL.

After sticking around for about 30 minutes, I made my way over to the Hillsborough Courthouse 800 E. Twiggs Street, Tampa, Florida.  Today seemed slower than the norm.

This is me handing out FIJA brochures out side the County Courthouse, Tampa, Florida.

Today was another good day, I handed out approximately 530 brochures.

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