The weather was over cast, humid and the weatherman had forecast rain, but that did not stop me from proceeding to the Federal Court House in Tampa, located at: 801 North Florida Avenue Tampa, FL 33602.

I started handing brochures out around the courthouse and was joined not long after by Chris LeRoux who has become a serious FIJA supporter/activist.

We stuck around for an hour, because it was pretty quiet, decided to go to the Hillsborough Courthouse which is located at 800 E Twiggs St, Tampa, FL. Here we found lots of people and started to hand out brochures.

Around 11:20AM the heavens opened and it was time to run for cover, so we decided to get some lunch.

After lunch it was business as usual, we headed back to the Hillsborough Courthouse.
In total we handed out 800 brochures to the people around the courthouses.

At 6PM I attended a meeting with the people from the Restore America Plan. I like this meeting because I always get to stand up and talk to the new comers about FIJA and Jury Veto Power! At the meeting I handed out 60 FIJA Brochures. Next week I will be doing a presentation on FIJA at the Restore America Plan meeting and also in Jacksonville for the Libertarian Party.

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