FIJA Activists at Hillsborough county courthouse - Michelle, Loring, Jessica & James

I returned to Tampa, Florida to do outreach, first at the Federal courthouse and then on to the county courthouse.

The weather was still cold, but the sun did manage to shine through the overcast sky.

I was joined by three new FIJA activists, Jessica, Loring and Michelle all from the Tampa bay area.

The Federal courthouse was dead, so after about forty minutes we left and headed up to Hillsborough county courthouse.  Here as always there are a lot of people.

We took an early lunch and headed back into town.  After lunch we headed into the city center to Lykes Gaslike Park, ready for all the people getting out of work for their lunch.

Approximately around one o’clock we headed back to the county courthouse to carry on distributing Jury Nullification brochures.

Today was another good day we distributed approximately 1,050 brochures.

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