Tonight I attended a meeting in Tampa, Florida where I spoke to a crowed of 50 people.  I used the FIJA presentation that can be found here >

I made the presentation interactive, by picking people out of the audience to read aloud the slides on the presentation.

Through the presentation I explained the importance of Jury Veto Power, and how this can save innocent people from being fined or imprisoned.

I handed out three brochures to every individual. I then asked them to first of all read the brochure; then the next time they are in line, strike up a conversation about jury rights, and hand one of the brochures to that person.

The people loved it, some of them even asked “When is the next time your going to be at the courthouse?”

Tonight was very enjoyable and the people got the message.

Tomorrow night I will be speaking in front of a large crowed at the Libertarian Party Meeting in Jacksonville, Florida. The meeting starts at 6:30pm and ends at 8:30pm and the venue is: Piccadilly meeting facility 5950 Ramona Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32205

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