On Tuesday, November 2, 2010 I was handing out FIJA brochures on the sidewalk at: The Miami Federal Courthouse, 301 N. Miami Avenue, Miami, Florida.  There must be a major lack of communication somewhere within the government, because only last week I was told by Michael Witkowski, who had spoken to his counsel, and told me that I was quite within my rights to hand out FIJA brochures on the sidewalks of Federal Courthouses.  Mr. Witkowski also said that he had sent an email to all the Federal courthouses letting them know this.  I also asked Mr. Witkowski if he would extend the courtesy and send me an email, so that I could in the event of a potential arrest I could show it to the officer.  I still have not received that email after been told that he would send it. If I had received that email, it may have prevented the questioning by a Federal Marshal and then a later questioning by his supervisor. It may also have prevented the questioning by Inspector Wilds, and the harassment and the violation that I received from Sergeant  Bernard B. Norris from Federal Protective Services.

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I did not get video of the Marshal or his supervisor questioning me, but I did get video of  the guards complaining that I am breaking the law, Inspector Wilds and Sergeant Bernard B. Norris from Federal Protective Services.

Inspector Wilds

Sergeant Bernard B. Norris

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