Today I went back to the Federal Court House at 299 East Broward Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The day started great and ended great, nearly everyone that I said good morning to, took a brochure. Some where going to work at the business across the street at the back of the court house and some where heading in the court house direction.  Did they end up in the court house?  I don’t know, I do not have X-ray vision, nor do I have sonic hearing.

Later on that morning, two Federal agents arrived at the back gate of the court house where I presume they take the prisoners in and out.  The gate went up and there stood Patti Clarke with a male Federal agent.  They came across and asked “Do you mind if we ask you some questions?”  I replied sure.

They started to ask questions, at which this point I stopped them and said “may I have your names.”  I wrote down their names and their job titles.  The people that I was  talking to where Patti Clarke,  Juditial Security Inpector (JSI) and her superior Michael Witkowski Protective Intelligence Inspector (PII).

Michael proceeded to ask the following questions:

“Why are you down here?”

“Why the Fort Lauderdale Court House?”

“Do I now live locally?”

“Have i just moved down here?”

“Are you targeting jurors?”

I told them that I am informing the people of their rights on being an informed juror, and I have no idea why Fort Lauderdale.  I asked that they contact the FIJA office to get the answer to that question.

I did not answer the questions about where I live and about moving.

I explained that I hand out the brochures to anyone passing by. People go into the building next door to work and I have given them flyers.  I said that I am not targeting jurors, I do not even know who the jurors are.

They said they don’t have a problem up to now, but the judge may once he finds out. Apparently the judge is not aware of my activities outside the court house yet.

I explained that when I started doing this, that I spoke with Jason and he told me where I could stand without there being problems.

I gave them some brochures, they said they will contact the office, they left.

Today I handed out 187 brochures to passers by, I think that maybe this is getting to them.

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