On Thursday July 8th 2010 I set out to Orlando, Florida to distribute brochures outside the Federal Court House at 401 West Central Boulevard Orlando, FL 32801-0401.

As usual I went inside and tried to talk with the JSI (Judicial Security Inspector) who is Hilton Marquette, who is also the JSI for Tampa and Ocala, Florida.

Mr Marquette was not available, so I spoke with a Deputy Marshal who said is name was CJ.  I explained that I was in Tampa on Tuesday and that I had spoken with Gary Scevola who did not have a problem with me handing out FIJA brochures on the sidewalk.  CJ told me that it was okay to distribute the brochures on the side.

I went down stairs and started to hand out the brochures to passers by.  When I put my bag on the wall to get out a bottle of water a guard told me that I could not put my bag on the wall.  He also told me that I can not lean on the walls or the rail.  

Just before lunch two facebook friends Scott Olver and John Kurtz showed up and wanted me to go to lunch with them.  We went to talk under the shade of a tree near the wall and again the guard came over and tried to intimidate us, by telling us that we can not be near the walls.

At 12pm we all left and went and had lunch at District Five in Orlando Florida. Scott told me that there was a Campaign For Liberty Meeting that night and he would like me to attended and talk about FIJA, of which I accepted.

After lunch I returned to the Federal Court House in Orlando to carry on distributing FIJA brochures.

I was walking around, so that my body was moving and I walked near the fence, this made the guard come down again and he asked me what I was doing. I said no comment and I asked him what is name was which he declined to answer and asked me what my name was.  It was obvious that this guy was on some kind of power trip and that he was trying to intimidate me.  The guard said to me “You should stop handing out that garbage, no one is reading it”  Just then a guy walked by and I offered him a brochure. He said “No thanks, you gave me one this morning.”  I asked him “Did you read it?”  To which he replied “Yes I did, it was very educational and good information”  To which I replied, with a loud voice, so that the guard could hear me. “That is great, because that guard over there says that it is garbage and no one is reading it!”  The guy said “Well I read it and I disagree.”

Later on a female who was with a prosecution attorney came out of the court house and she was reading part of the brochure that  I had handed to her earlier.  The prosecutor asked if he could have one, in which I handed him a brochure.  He made some comment about “This is all well and good but you have to follow the law”.  I said “What if the law was bad?” And because this guy was close to 7ft tall I said “What if I had the power to make laws, and I made a law that all people over 6ft should be hung, should we follow that law or would it be unjust?” He laughed and walked off.  I watch him go up the street and he stopped and talked with four other individuals who came my way.  I noticed that one of the individuals a male now had the brochure in is hand and in passing he said “Are you being paid for this or are you doing this voluntary?”  At which I said “No comment.”  Later I saw the tall prosecutor and I gave him another brochure A Primer For Prospective Jurors and asked him if he has read and understands The Constitution or does he support tyranny?  He laughed and said that he would read the brochure and walked away.

I left the court house at 4pm and made my way back to my car.  I was approached by a man in a suit, who was a defense attorney from Oklahoma.  He asked “Are you the guy outside the court house handing out information in regards to jury duty?”  I replied “Yes, why?”  He said that the judge brought it up in the court room before the jury went to deliberate. He asked me for some brochures, so I gave him a copy of each one.  I asked the attorney for a business card, but he did not have one on him.

I went to the venue where the Campaign for Liberty meeting was going to be held to gather my thoughts.

The meeting started at 7pm and about 50 people showed up. The Campaign For Liberty had arranged to have two congressional candidates speak. One was Deon Long and the other was Patricia Sullivan. Then it was my turn.

When I spoke to the people at the meeting, I explained what FIJA is and its purpose.  I explained what my job was, and also asked who in the room will come and stand outside the Federal Court House in Orlando with me. I asked for a show of hands in which a third of the rooms hands went up.

In total including my activism outside the court house I gave out approximately 440 brochures.

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