On Thursday, September 30th, 2010 I headed out to Orlando to meet with FIJA Orlando Coordinator John Kurtz and his crew Mark Schmidter and Cory Chenard.

The sky was overcast and there was chill in the air, but that made a refreshing change.

We started to hand out FIJA brochures at the Federal Courthouse at:  401 West Central Boulevard Orlando, Florida.

After an hour we headed over to the Orange County Court House at: 415 N. Orange Ave, Orlando, Florida.  Here it was really busy, lots of people going into the courthouse.  We were shortly joined by Austin White and Audra Montgomery who are regulars with FIJA Orlando.

One of the females that I offered a brochure to said “You should not be doing that, what you are handing out is all lies”  I asked the lady if she was an attorney to which she replied “Yes”.  I said to her “Well of course you would say that, your a prosecuting attorney and you are trying to squelch my freedom of speech!” Shortly after an officer of the law arrived and told me that I have every right to be here handing out the brochures, but could I not be abrasive  with people.  I explained that I am not going to sit back and be attacked verbally, that if someone is going to do that I will say something back. The officer was okay with what I said and left.

Later that afternoon a lady dressed in black told us that an email had gone out to all the attorneys and judges letting them know that we were outside handing out the brochures. [Rumor has it that they sent all of the jurors home.]

Team Orlando did very well, they distributed approximately 1,850 brochures, AWESOME JOB!

Later that evening I spoke at The University of Florida, approximately 70 people attended.  I spoke about how the government assumes that it owns your body, because the government can tell you what you can and can not put in your body.

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