By Clint Shivers, Baker County Libertarian Party

Some of the NE Libertarians went down to the Florida Liberty Summit on Friday and while there we all got to meet James Cox. Really cool guy that James is, he gave us a boat load of brochures on jury rights to hand out at a gun show that the Duval county group set up for that weekend.

After getting back from the Florida Liberty Summit (which was awesome by the way) a group of FIJA supporting Libertarians spent the remainder of the weekend manning a booth at a local gun show in Jax handing out the info we got from James the night before. We all handed out about 250 brochures and invitations to the Jury Nullification event with James Cox here in Jacksonville on August 19th @ 6:30pm (Piccadilly meeting facility 5950 Ramona Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32205).

From Libertarians and Liberty Campaigners to Republican Liberty Caucusers and gun enthusiasts, everyone is getting excited to hear James speak this Thursday! Then to cap it off on Friday there will be a group of us outside the Jacksonville Federal Courthouse (300 North Hogan Street Jacksonville, FL 32202) handing out jury rights information, this will be a really fun experience!! Thanks to everyone who helped out this weekend, with people like you and those involved in FIJA all fighting for liberty then victory over our oppressors has to be a certainty!

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  1. Phil says:

    James did a good job of explaining what FIJA is about at the meeting. We had several volunteers decide to pass out brochures the next day. Had a good time passing out brochures. Passed out several 100 brochures at the Landing and the federal and county courthouses.

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