On Saturday 7/24/10 my family and I attended the North Pinellas 912 group protest at the intersection of Keene Road and Main Street in Dunedin, Florida.

It was a beautiful day, and there was a good turn out of people protesting about the tyrannical run away government.

The people at this protest were very pleasant and understanding.  I explained who I was and what I was representing.  They all took a brochure from me and thanked me for this information.

I explained to some of the people that: the Fourth, Ninth and Tenth Amendment of the Bill of Rights makes it clear that government has no authority to own or manage our bodies. The people at the protest agreed, they said that they would read the information that I gave them and get back to me.  In speaking to them, I explained that my work involves standing outside the Federal Court Houses around the  state of Florida. In doing so, I am educating people of Jury Veto Power! – They found this to very interesting and thanked me for my activism.  

After the protest we were invited to lunch at: Tiffany’s restaurant, US 19, Pinellas County.  A few people showed up,  we discussed how the juror has the right to not only judge the facts, but also the law.  I explained that it is the right of the juror to nullify bad laws, by refusing to convict people being tried under those laws. Also I explained that when jurors refuse to convict, it shows that the law is not supported by the community, and that acquittals and hung juries are embarrassing to legislators, prosecutors, bureaucrats and most judges.

On my way home I stopped in at Gun City to look at, and price up guns.  I spoke with the Manager Jackie Rollins and Owner Gerald Erdman, very nice and informative people.   I asked if it was possible to leave some brochures with them to put on the counter.  Gerald mentioned that he was aware of FIJA and is in full support of it and took the brochures.

In total I distributed 72 brochures at the North Pinellas 912 project protest,  and I left 100 brochures at Gun City.

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