Miami Federal Court House 301 North Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33128-7712

Miami Federal Court House 301 North Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33128-7712

I arrived at the Federal Court House at 301 North Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33128-7712 at 8am and started handing out information to the general public.  As always some take it and read it and some say no thank you.  Either way I always say have a good day.

Later that morning Steve Janowitz joined me.  Steve is from People United For Medical Marijuana (PUFMM).  You can find there website at and if you are a Florida registered voter you can find out the information to signing the petition here .

Steve and I passed out brochures around the court house the rest of the morning and then broke for lunch.

Later that day there was a heavy down pour of rain that lasted about 20 minutes, we took shelter in a bus shelter till it passed.

I handed some information to a young gentleman who was an intern at the court house. He asked me if he could have more of the brochures, which I gave him,  as he was writing a paper on Jury Nullification.

About 3pm Steve asked if I had any objection to going and handing out the brochures in a high traffic areas where there were lots of people.  So we walked down to the Government Center and Metro Rail station at 101 NW 1st Street, Miami,  Florida to hand out FIJA brochures.

Steve Janowitz of PUFMM Explaining The Power of The Juror to a Young Lady

This area was real high traffic with people going about their every day lives.  Steve handed a brochure to this one young lady who was very interested and started asking him questions.

Within one hour we hand handed out the rest of the brochures to the people passing by.

Steve attends several events to get signatures for PUFMM, he asked me for some more brochures to take with him as he had ran out of the previous ones that I had gave him in Orlando.

Steve explained to me earlier on, that when he does events and the FIJA brochures are on the table, people come and ask him if they can take them.

It was a great day in Miami, the total amount of brochures passed out 400, and I would like to thank Steve Janowitz for his help and look forward to networking with him again soon.

Steve Janowitz and Me After A Real Hot Humid Day.

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