On Thursday August 19th 2010 I was invited by Clint Shivers to speak at a Libertarian Party meeting in Jacksonville, Florida.  I spoke to a crowd of about thirty people who were waiting to find out about FIJA and what it is that I do.

I used the same presentation that I had used the night before and presented the same way getting the audience involved.  The audience found it very interesting to learn that they could  also judge the law as well as the facts of the case.

We passed out four brochures to each person and explained that once they had finished reading them to pass them on to four other people, so that the information was passed on.

I explained to the group that I would be handing out brochures at the Federal Court House in Jacksonville the following day, and also if they would join me.

The groups was very responsive to the presentation and asked questions.  One gentleman asked “If I mentioned FIJA or jury nullification, would I get picked for the jury.”  I explained, probably not, and he should make it his upmost importance to get selected for the jury, because of the power that he has, as a juror to do good.

It was a good meeting with lots of interest and people willing to get involved. One gentleman asked if he could come into the courthouse with me to witness what I say to the JSI (Judicial Security Inspector).

120 brochures in total were handed to the people that attended, for them to read and then pass on to other people.

I would like to thank Clint Shivers for making this possible and the people that attended.

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