Today was a great day in the sun passing out jury rights information at the Tampa Federal Courthouse. The Marshals were pleasant and even welcoming! Some seem sympathetic in at least some ways, maybe even entirely in the case of certain individuals to be unnamed. We distributed a good number of brochures around the courthouse and then headed to lunch nearby in a courtyard area with various vendors and a park, handing them out along the way to many people. There was a band in the courtyard playing some very nice relaxing music of various genres and using several instruments. We were able to hand out a great deal of the brochures in the courtyard area and nearly all the people that took the brochures seemed interested in the material and many even seemed happy to me. Its nice to know we still have some recourse left in the face of Big Brother! We headed back to the courthouse while distributing brochures, finally ending up passing out over 670 of them!

Right before I had to leave around 3:30, the chief huncho security dude came out and discussed the Injustice system with us and allowed me to vent my disdain for the reckless, innumeramble, unintelligable, rules currently “in force” and the raw, unprovoked aggression backing them all up, no matter how silly or petty the rule. He was receptive on certain points and generally a very nice guy. Its nice to know some of these guys are still human beings beneath the corrupt system and engage them in the intellectual battle directly in a peaceful and respectful manner but not bowing down to authority an inch. Finally, I was out of time and had to leave but I look forward to the next Tampa outing and hope maybe with more people we can do this more often and maybe even expand into Clearwater or St. Pete if there are jury trials there. Fun in the sun standing up peacefully, succefully,and productively. I love it!

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