Julian Heicklan With Orlando's FIJA Activists

Today I met with Julian Heicklan to start his FIJA activism tour in Florida.

The weather here in Florida today was cold, but the sun was out, with a clear blue sky.

I picked Julian up at his hotel in Orlando and took him to the County Courthouse at 425 N Orange Ave, Orlando, Florida.
We were met by Mark Schmidter, T J Lawrence, John Kurtz, Marla Buchwald, Pete (new addition), Josh Parrish and Scott Olver.  Later we were joined by Alle Shane.  A great turnout from the Orlando group.

We split up and had every corner of the courthouse covered. Nearly everyone walking in or out of the courthouse had a yellow FIJA brochure in their hand.

Today was a great day for FIJA activism. Eight FIJA Activists came out in the cold weather to distribute approximately 1,100 brochures. Well done Team Orlando!

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