Left to Right: Phil, Clint, Jim and Shelly

On Friday August 20, 2010 Clint Shivers, Phil, Jim, my wife Shelly and I attended the Federal Court House in Jacksonville, Florida, at: 300 North Hogan Street Jacksonville, FL 32202.

The sun was shining and it was a wonderful day.

I went inside and took Jim with me as he wanted to witness what I had to say to the JSI (Judicial Security Inspector).

We went inside, produced state ID and was scanned.  I asked one of the marshals who is the JSI, he told me that I needed to go to the second floor.   On the second floor is the U.S. Marshals office.  I asked the lady behind the window if I could talk to the JSI.   A gentleman by the name of Larry Richter (Senior Deputy U.S. Marshal) arrived,  I introduced myself and asked him for his business card.  I asked him if he had any objections to us handing out brochures in front of the courthouse.  He told me that we could hand them out in front of the courthouse on the sidewalk, but not on the courthouse plat.  He said that in order for us to obtain permission to hand out brochures on the Federal Courthouse grounds we would have to go and talk to Mary Bono or Paula Sloan of the GSA (General Services Administration) who are on the 6th floor.  Jim and I ventured up to the 6th floor, but Mary and Paula were not available. We spoke with a lady called Faye who said that she would call Mary and then come down to us outside to let us know the outcome.  I left Faye with 1 copy of each of the brochures that we were handing out and my business card.

Outside we started handing out brochures to the people passing by.   We were all asking people “Would you like some information on your rights as a juror?”  I found that I was met with very little resistance, the people would take the brochure and say thank you.

At around 11:30 we headed to the Jacksonville landing were we had lunch.

After lunch we handed brochures out around the landing and then headed off to the county courthouse.

In total we handed out around 750 brochures to the people that we came in contact with in Jacksonville.

Clint asked me for brochures so that Phil, Jim and himself could carry on the activism at the courthouses in Jacksonville. He also told me that he will be attending more gun shows and meetings  in North Florida soon.  I gave Clint 600 brochures to carry on with their activism.

Once again I would like to thank Clint, Phil and Jim for helping myself and FIJA educate the people of Jacksonville on their rights as Fully Informed Jurors.

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