FIJA Activism Broward County Courthouse Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Today the weather in Fort Lauderdale was sunny with a cool breeze and no humidity.
I was joined at the Federal Courthouse in Fort Lauderdale, Florida by fellow FIJA activist Craig Toth. Now that the Federal Marshals office as said that we are within our First Amendment right to stand on the sidewalk and pass out literature, makes it far more easier to educate people.

After lunch Craig and I headed over to the Broward County Courthouse to pass out FIJA brochures. You can see by the following video that we are very polite and respectful to people.

As you can see by the previous video we are: peaceful, respectful and do not take it personal when someone tells us that they are not interested or no thanks.

After a while of distributing FIJA brochures, I was harassed by Lieutenant Manfre of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department (BSO Broward Sheriff’s Office).   Lieutenant Manfre is making an issue out of nothing.

Today in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Craig and I handed out approximately 500 brochures.

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