On Wednesday July 21, 2010 I attended the restore America plan meeting in Tampa, were I talked about FIJA and gave out about sixty brochures and business cards.  The group asked me to do a presentation on August 25th talking about jury nullification.

The weather was hot and humid today, but that was not going to stop us handing of FIJA brochures.

I arrived at the Federal Court House at  and just to make sure that there was no miss understanding and miss communication, I told one of the marshals that we were about to hand out information.  I was asked by one of the marshals if he could have some of the brochures, to which I gave him a copy of each.  Unbeknown to me this was the JSI (Judicial Security Inspector) Hilton Markette.

I set about my business and was joined by Mark Lessard who is a friend of mine on facebook.

We were shortly joined by my good friend Chris LeRoux who is now a FIJA  contact  here in the Tampa bay area.

There was  a lot of foot traffic around the court house today but because there was three of us, no one went by without being offered a brochure.

Mark left just before 12pm but did say that this is important and that he will be back again to help with this very important cause. – Thank you Mark!

Chris and I broke for lunch and went to eat pizza at Eddie Sams NY Pizza, located at 203 East Twiggs, Tampa, FL.  The pizza was delicious.  Chris asked if we could leave some brochures and they said, absolutely.

After lunch we went a little further into the city and started to hand out brochures for an hour.   There was a band playing and there was a lot of people walking around.

We were joined by Harry McKay who I had spoken to the other evening and he had said that he would come and give his support.

I gave Harry the Distributing FIJA Literature in Front of Courthouses letter for him to read and digest.

We distributed FIJA brochures until 2PM then headed back to the Federal Court House handing out brochures to everyone that we saw.

Back at the court house we carried on distributing the brochures and surprise, surprise the marshal that asked me for the brochures this morning turns out to be no other than  JSI Hilton Markette.  We stood and talked about various things regarding law, the judicial system and politics and then Hilton left to have a late lunch.

Today was an AWESOME day, we distributed   673 FIJA brochures.

YOU GO TEAM TAMPA!  – Great job guys lets do this again and again!

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