Freedom Seekers Meeting Tampa Florida 1-12-11

On Wednesday, January 12, 2011 I attended the Freedom Seekers meeting at the IHOP on West Spruce Street, Tampa, Florida.  The Freedom Seekers meet every Wednesday to talk about solutions on how to restore the Republic.

Every week between fifty to one hundred people show up and pack themselves into the conference room at the IHOP.  New comers are always welcome to stand up and introduce themselves, tell the group who invited them,  mention a business or organization and ideas or activism they are involved in.

The meeting this week was about adverse possession, which is a process by which premises can change ownership. It is a common law concept concerning the title to real property (land and the fixed structures built upon it).  By adverse possession, title to real property can be acquired without compensation by holding the property in a manner that conflicts with the former owner’s property rights for a specified period. For example, “squatters rights” are a specific form of adverse possession.

Before the main speaker got up to talk, I was asked to talk about FIJA and Jury Nullification.  I explained to the group that one big major issue in America right now is the court system. I explained to the group that jurors are not fully informed of their rights to not only judge the facts of the case but the law itself.  I told the group that if any of them are summoned for jury duty, that they should appear when called, and I pointed them to Surviving Voir Dire ~ How to Get on The Jury which is on the website.  I explained that their participation and their verdict will have an impact on the life of the defendant and on all of their community and that is why it is so important to serve.   I told the group that they can vote with their conscience and render a verdict not just based on the facts but also the law itself.    I explained that the jury is there to protect fellow citizens and has an unalienable right to veto or nullify bad laws and unjust prosecutions.  I explained that one person can say not guilty and hang a jury. If enough people were to do this with bad laws, it would send a message that the particular law is not supported by the community.

I asked the group to get active in their community with FIJA, by educating others and passing out brochures at other meeting and around courthouses.   I explained that the brochures can be purchased off of FIJA’s website at or that they can print the brochures off themselves at

After the meeting I was approached by a couple of people that said that they enjoyed me speaking and that they will be passing this information on.

I passed out approximately 60 brochures at the meeting.

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