This father’s day weekend I mingled with the pleasant and peaceful Tea Party people of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Of course they are angry about an out of control government that is passing bills that they have not read, spending the country into more debt and taking away the rights of the people.

Many passers-by were shouting nasty and vulgar comments at the friendly Tea Party people, who are standing up for the freedom for the passers by as well. But all that these peaceful people would say back was: “God Bless You!”
The Tea Party People are exercising their first amendment right; to freedom of speech in protest to an out of control tyrannical government.

I talked to them in regards to jury nullification, they understood what I was saying and agreed that it is a good thing, that a juror should vote with his or her conscience.

There are so many bad laws on the books that the innocent, thinking they’ve nothing to fear, suddenly find that they’ve innocently violated laws they never heard of.

The group between them took about 50 brochures to distribute between their friends and relatives.

Some time in the near future I will be holding a meeting here in Fort Lauderdale, many said that they will attend and invite others.

Reason Number One To Be On A Jury


This may be the most powerful moment of your life!  If you are selected to sit on a jury, no one, not even the president, can make you change your vote on the verdict!

No one can make you apply a law you don’t approve of.  No one can punish you for your vote on the verdict, or force you to agree with the other jurors.  The whole jury system depends on people like yourself using your own best judgment and conscience to decide the fate of an accused person.

Reason Number Two


You can do yourself and your community a great service as a juror.  True justice by jury discourages crime, while a jury’s tolerance of harmless differences in the way people think and act makes life easier for everyone, maybe someday including you.

Reason Number Three


The verdict reached by your jury may be so important that legislators will use it to guide them in making needed revisions in the law!

Why?  Certainly, a jury’s decision to apply the law shows community support and respect for that law.  On the other hand, its refusal to do so, even when the evidence shows the law has been broken, shows that the community will not tolerate disobedience, and the law needs to be changed or eliminated.

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