Distributing FIJA Brochures At The Fort Lauderdale County Courthouse Today in Fort Lauderdale the weather was hot and humid.
I started off at the back of the Federal Courthouse distributing FIJA brochures to people passing by.

After about an hour I headed over to the County Courthouse to carry on distributing FIJA literature.

Today is a victory for me. The Federal Marshals at the Courthouse in Fort Lauderdale threatened me with arrest if I stood on the sidewalk around the courthouse handing out FIJA literature. On Monday I made a phone call to the Assistant Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Fred DePompa and explained to him that I had spoken with an attorney and that my First Amendment Right was being trampled on. On Thursday, October 28, 2010 I received a phone call from Michael Witkowski Protective Intelligence Inspector (PII). Mr Witkowski explained that he had spoken to his legal council and told me that I could now distribute my FIJA brochures on the sidewalk in front of the courthouse.
Thank you, Fred Depompa and Michael Witkowski for looking into this matter.

Today in Fort Lauderdale I distributed approximately 430 brochures. Another VICTORY for FREEDOM!

There will be a video to follow and update on this. Stay tuned!