Greg, Craig, Alex & James

The weather was overcast, hot and humid in Fort Lauderdale today.

I was met by a newcomer to FIJA, Craig who was introduced to me by Alex on the phone last night.  A little later Greg arrived and then followed by Alex.

Alex explained in a previous conversations that he had done FIJA out reach before in Missouri and Texas and was ready to help out again here in Florida.

We all stuck around the Federal Courthouse for a while before taking an early lunch.

After lunch we all headed over to the county courthouse, but to our surprise there was hardly anyone there due to a holiday.

We headed back into town and back to the Broward College where we started to distribute brochures to students.  At one point a guard came out and told us that we could not solicit outside the college.  I explained to her that we were not soliciting, that we were educating people on jury rights.  She started yelling across the street to a college police officer “Lieutenant! Lieutenant!”

Alex & Greg Distributing FIJA Brochures

The officer came over, the guard told him that we were soliciting people and that the college had a no soliciting policy.  He said that, that was correct.  I explained that we are not soliciting, that we are educating.  At this point Craig came over and intervened.  He asked the officer “Is this a public school paid for by the tax payer?” The officer said “Yes” Craig then said “Then under the Florida Constitution Article 1, Section 4, freedom of speech and press, we are allowed to stand here on the sidewalk and distribute this educational material.”  The officer said “That is correct, so long as you stay on the sidewalk.”  Craig said “Okay.” The officer and guard then left.

We carried on distributing brochures and talked to a few college students who were interested in what this was about.

Craig told me that he is on stand by for the county and he regularly gets called to help out at the gun shows in Broward county.  He asked me if he could take some of the second amendment brochures and hand them out at the gun show on September 18th and 19th.

Today we distributed approximately 530 brochures at the Federal Courthouse, downtown and at Broward College. Good Job Guys!

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