Greg and I returned to the Federal Court House at 299 East Broward Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  The weather was good, humid but good.  We set up at the back of the court house where the parking lots are.  We had a down pour of rain, but did not get wet, because we took shelter in the parking garage.  From 8am to 12pm we handed out 97 brochures to passers by.

We went and had lunch then headed up to West Palm Beach where I had been informed by a Dan Ray a friend of mine that there was a protest at the South Florida Water Management District Budget Workshop against Charlie Christ the Governor of the state of Florida.

We arrived a little later than expected at the protest due to traffic. Greg and I handed information to people and answered their questions.  One young woman who claimed to be a prosecuting attorney said “Well the law is the law.”   I asked her “If someone was risking going to prison for the possession of a fire arm even though they had not threatened anyone with it, would you purse to prosecute them?”  In which she replied “I would have to think about that one”  “WHAT!”

The hours went by and Greg was talking to a security guard who found the information that we were handing out to be very interesting.  He asked for more of the brochures so that he could give them to a few friends and family.  He started to tell us that he is a motorcycle enthusiast and that you can be fined $1,500 if you bring the front wheel of a motorcycle off of the ground.  As he was saying this two police officers where heading to the door to go into the building in which he said to them “Isn’t that right?” and they said “Yes”.  I said “Does that apply to people on peddle cycles also?” they went inside.  Within a few minutes one of the officers popped his head out of the door and told the guard that his captain wanted to speak to him.  Then one of the officers came out, he was not facing us, we were to his right at a ninety degree  angle.  He said “Everyone has gone, its just employees here, if you have a vehicle you should make your way to it and leave.  If you don’t have a vehicle I can give you a ride to where you need to be.”  Greg did not hear this as he did not have his hearing aids in.  The officer pulled out some Oakley sunglasses put them on his face and started to slide them up and down his nose.  Greg not knowing what the officer said started to engage in a conversation with him about how he had read how Oakley’s were really good glasses.  The officer then repeated what he said earlier.  I said come on lets go, so we left.

There was something wrong with that picture, the officers stance, his actions and the fact that he was not looking at us when talking to us.

We handed out 64 brochures at the protest, that is a total of 151 brochure for the day.

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  1. Willi Greg says:

    That cop is a psychopath with a gun and a badge. Full stop. Watch out for cops that need power.

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