Another hot day at the Federal Court House: 299 East Broward Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale Florida.

I arrived at 7:50am and met with Chris Goldthorpe to organize brochures for distribution, then headed to the parking garage on NE 1st Street.

We started distributing brochures to the general public and Within 20 minutes we were joined by Greg Gieseke.

Chris left at about 10am;  he had some business to take care of, Greg and I carried on distributing brochures, then went for lunch at 12pm.

After lunch we headed into town for an hour handing the brochures out to passers by.

I decided to go to Broward College and I spoke with a lady called Susan Hawk, she said that she would place the FIJA brochures in the student room.

We left the college and headed back into the city, I stood outside City Park Mall, distributing brochures and informing people of Jury Veto Power.  Greg left at about 1:30pm.

It was after 2pm; I returned to the court house and carried on distributing brochures until 4pm.

At 7pm I attended a Libertarian Party Meeting at Denny’s, about six people showed up.  One of them said that he used to distribute FIJA materials in the 90’s and would help out as and when he could.

Today we distributed 346 brochures in Fort Lauderdale, another great day.

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