Greg and I At The County Courthouse Fort Lauderdale

On Friday September 3rd, I met Greg at the Federal Court House at: 299 East Broward Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The weather was very hot and humid with a partial overcast sky.

We stuck around for a while before heading over to the county courthouse on SE 6th Street Fort Lauderdale Florida. There are a lot more people going in and out of this courthouse, plus we can stand closer to the building.

At the courthouse I was approached and asked by a lady “Why are you here doing this?”   I replied “Ma’am there are so many bad laws,  it is only a matter of time before someone that I know is going to be  charged with a crime.”  “Our only peaceful defense is an educated jury, it takes just one person on a jury to vote with their conscience, to judge the facts and the law.”  “One person can hang a jury, and if this happens enough, it becomes embarrassing to the prosecutors, bureaucrats, and legislators.”  I then explained that it is the juror that is the most powerful person in the court room, the juror has the last say on not only the evidence, but the law itself.  I said “Jury Veto Power is a way for “We The People” to retain control over the government, because it is we, not they, who can decide whether or not to apply the law.”  I explained  “When you sit on a jury you have the right to judge the law,  if it is a bad law return a not guilty verdict.” Once I had explained this, the lady said “Thank you, I am looking forward to reading your brochure.”

Today was another good educational day for FIJA activism. Greg and I distributed approximately 410 brochures.

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