On Tuesday June 8, 2010 I was initiated into the FIJA association as with a baptism by fire: I met in person with James Cox on the steps of the Federal Court house in Fort Lauderdale with one objective: to educate individuals of the power they wield when selected to serve on a jury. One of the interesting things to note was that the government stopped our First Amendment as soon as we arrived at site by falsifying the city plat and claiming that the Federal Government owns the side walks in front of the Federal Building in the city of Fort Lauderdale. We will, upon direct first hand research determine the validity of the top security guard’s words. It is a bogus claim but the next time we approach the site for our work we will have documentation to prove the officer our right to stand on city property. End of discussion.

James and I proceeded to distribute fliers while standing “on city property” across the street and were able to inform 157 people in an 8 hour day. Several were actually quite interested in the topic and stopped their busy day to become informed. For those few people with whom I spoke the whole day became a success. I look forward to more involvement in direct communication with the people of this locality in informing the populations of their personal power to over turn bogus claims and over reaching statutes by the Federal Government.

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