Wednesday, March 9, 2011, Orlando, Florida.

Last night James Cox spoke to the Libertarian’s of Orlando.  Cox explained to the group about his activism with the Fully Informed Jury Association in Florida.  Cox said “Education is where it is at.” “We have to educate as many people as possible about jury nullification, its our only peaceful way to turn the country around.”  Cox encouraged the group to serve on a jury if summoned, and that if they know of anyone that gets a jury summons, to encourage them to serve also.

“Don’t check your conscience at the door.” Cox said. “If there is one part of this message that I want you to take away from here is that, you have a right to judge the facts of the case and the law itself.” “Don’t let the judge fool you.” “You are the most powerful person in that courtroom.”  Cox said “The highest and best function of the jury is to protect fellow citizens from tyrannical prosecutions and bad laws unfairly imposed by government.” Cox said.   Cox asked gave each member a copy of the new FIJA brochure Brochure Fresh Air for Justice .PDF  then said to the group “I hope that I have encouraged  you to get involved.”

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