Monday, March 7, 2011 – Melbourne Florida.

FIJA’s Florida state coordinator James Cox spoke to a crowd of fifty plus people at the Republican Liberty Caucus of Central East Florida last night.

Cox in his speech told the RLC about how in the past ten years he has seen the United States turn more each day into the United Kingdom. In his speech Cox said “The United States is the last bastion of freedom, and I am not going to sit and watch this country turn into Europe!” He then went on to say “We have a chance to turn things around, and one of the ways is through Jury Nullification.” “The message that I am going to deliver here tonight, you the people in this room have to run with it.” Cox said. “You have to get involved, you have to educate others, like I am going to now educate you!” Cox said.
Cox asked the audience “Do you know how many times the word Jury is mentioned in The Constitution and The Bill of Rights?” The room was silent, people looked at each other for the answer. “The word jury is mentioned four times.” Cox said. “There is a reason for this, because the founders of this country knew that we would be here in this very position that we are today.” Cox said. He added “We have nothing but corruption throughout government, even the very legal system that is supposed to deliver justice is corrupt.” Cox then said “I’ll tell you how corrupt it is.” “We are caging peaceful people for victimless crimes, crimes that are not crimes at all, because there is no injured party and we are doing this at our own expense.”
“It costs around $30,000 a year to hold someone in prison and you are paying for it.” Cox said. “Not only that, if the defendant is the main breadwinner of the family, then the family will probably go on welfare.” Cox said. “We have to stop this, we are bankrupting ourselves.” Cox said.

Cox then talked about jury duty and jury nullification. He said “When you get a jury summons, please go and serve.” He then added “Once you are on the jury, judge the facts of the case and the law itself.” “Please do not check your conscience at the door” he said. Then Cox said “If you think its a bad law or the law is being misapplied you may deliver a not guilty verdict.”

Cox told the group “When you serve on a jury, you are the most powerful person in that courtroom, because one person standing their ground can hang a jury.” He then said “Why is hanging the jury important?” Cox then answered his own question by saying “Because acquittals and hung juries are politically embarrassing to legislators judges, prosecutors and bureaucrats.” He then went on to say “It shows them that, that law is not supported by the community.”

The brand new FIJA Brochure was passed to the group Fresh Air for Justice .PDF

The message was well received with a round of applause from the group.

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