On February 9, 2011, Orlando, Florida. The University of Central Florida NORML group held a meeting where approximately 100 people attended.

FIJA State coordinator James Cox and fellow activist Mark Schmidter, spoke about the unconstitutional administrative order that Chief Judge Belvin Perry, Jr made January 31, 2011.

Cox explained to the NORML group that, part of their cause is to talk to people on the streets, sidewalks and public places. These places are traditional public forums for freedom of speech. Judge Perry has violated the First Amendment and his oath to uphold the Constitution. Cox went on to say “My fear is that this will not stop here, this judge by making the order has silenced FIJA, who will be next?”

Cox and Schmidter handed out  the Flyer ‘We of FIJA seek to obey the law’ and the brochure ‘Your Jury Rights: True or False’, to all that attended.

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