Monday, March 7, 2011 – Seminole County, Florida.

Today FIJA activists Cory Chenard, Mark Schmidter and James Cox attended the Seminole County Courthouse near Sanford, Florida.

This merry band of peaceful men distributed educational material on Jury Rights to people entering and exiting the courthouse.  The brochures were excepted by about 90% of the people, and the people said thank you for the information.


This morning the group had one encounter with a female police officer who came out from the courthouse to find out what the groups was doing. Schmidter and Cox explained to the officer, that they were educating citizens about their rights when they serve on a jury. They explained that jury nullification is the right to refuse to enforce bad laws and bad prosecutions. Cox went on to say “When someone serves on a jury, they should judge the facts of the case and the law itself.” The female officer asked if she could get a brochure, which Schmidter handed to her, and with that she went back inside the courthouse.


Today the group distributed approximately 300 brochures.

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