The Fully Informed Jury Association made national news last night on Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Watch.

Judge Napolitano said “Florida state judge Belvin Perry, recently signed an order banning free speech outside a Florida courthouses. The order is aimed at the non-profit called The Fully Informed Jury Association, which seeks to encourage jurors to vote their consciences. That organization handed out pamphlets to sitting and potential jurors as they entered courthouses, and judge Perry has blocked this practice. But its irrelevant what the pamphlets say. In America we have the natural and constitutional right to free speech, where on earth does this judge presume to get the authority, to stop anyone from saying anything outside a public courthouse? Has he ever heard of the First Amendment?”

Judge Napolitano is absolutely correct.  This is a violation of freedom of speech, and judge Belvin Perry is violating the First Amendment.

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