Hillsborough County Courthouse, 801 E. Twiggs Street, Tampa, Florida.

The morning started off overcast, cold and damp, but by noon the sky was clear and it was warm.

I arrived at the Federal Courthouse and the Marshal outside said good morning. (Today there was no, I want to search your bag, LOL!) I stuck around for about an hour handing out maybe 20 brochures. The Federal Courthouse for the size of it is very quiet, not much going on at all.

I headed over to the County Courthouse at 800 E Twiggs Street Tampa Florida, and started to distribute FIJA brochures.

I would like to point out as it is a concern for many that want to get involved.  I have never been arrested for my activism with FIJA ,nor do I intend to get arrested.   My videos show on the YouTube FIJAFL Channel how to be effective and remain safe.

Today I distributed 500 FIJA brochures.

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