Tampa Federal Courthouse

The weather in Tampa, Florida started off damp and windy, but later on in the day the sun came out and it was quite pleasant.

As usual I started off at the Federal courthouse passing out brochures to people passing by, and going in and out of the courthouse.

After an hour I headed up to the county courthouse, where there are a lot more people to educate an hand brochures to.

Today the main brochure that I was passing out was the one entitled, ‘Who Owns Your Body?’ brochure.  The FIJA Who Owns Your Body? brochure is my favorite.  The content is neutral, and regardless of the peoples’ beliefs, it explains that our rights have been turned into permissions granted or denied by government.  The brochure explains that the government assumes that it owns our bodies by telling us what we can consume, and what we may possess.

Government has made so many inferior laws, and these laws contradict the Constitution and common law.  When you serve on a jury, you have a right to vote with your conscience, and refuse to convict if you think that the defendant is being tried under a bad law.  It only takes one person to vote not guilty and hang the jury.  If enough people start doing this, it will send a message to the prosecutors, judges and legislators, telling them that that particular law is not supported by the community.

As always I took an early lunch and then afterwards headed off into Lykes Gaslike Park to catch people on their lunch break.

As soon as the park went quiet, I headed back to the courthouse handing out brochures to people on the way.

When I got near to the courthouse, I saw huge crowds of people outside and wondered what was going on. The fire department was there and people were saying that the fire alarm must have gone off.

With all these people outside I took the opportunity to pass out brochures to them.   Some of the people were frustrated, because they had taken time off work to deal with their court business and did not know if their case was going to be heard that day.

I had a great day today, I handed out approximately 600 brochures.

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