County Courthouse Orlando Florida

On Thursday, October 7, 2010 I drove over to Orlando, Florida to do some activism with Orlando’s FIJA Coordinator John Kurtz and his happy band of activists: Mark Schmidter, Cory Chenard and Alle Shane.

Beautiful weather yet again; clear blue sky, sun beaming down with a nice breeze and very little humidity, an awesome day for FIJA Activism.

The Orange County Courthouse at: 415 N Orange Ave Orlando Florida his huge, this is a monstrous building.  I can’t imagine the justification for a courthouse of this magnitude, all I can say is there must be a massive amount of victimless crimes in Orange County, Florida.

John Kurtz told me that earlier that morning he was told by a police officer to turn off his camera.  The officer tried to snatch the camera three times from John’s hand.  Here is the film footage of that incident.

Later that day I was told by a defense attorney that the judge was telling the jury to ignore the information that we are handing out. Here is the video of the attorney.

Later we were joined by a newcomer to the Orlando FIJA group Alle Shane.

While I was in Orlando I received a call from a lady in Tampa, her name is Leilan Silva. She told me that she was outside the Courthouse in Tampa, Florida and she saw a piece of paper on the floor. She picked up the paper and started to read it, she thought it was amazing that piece of paper was the Who Owns Your Body? brochure.  Lelian told me she wants to get involved and help educate people on this powerful information.  Leilan will be joining Chris LeRoux and I at the Tampa Courthouse next week .

Another great day in Orlando, approximately 1,650 brochures distributed.

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