Gentleman Reading FIJA's 2nd Amendment Brochure

Another wonderful day of FIJA activism here in Tampa, Florida.

Clear blue sky, sun shining down with a nice cool breeze.

Today Chris LeRoux and I met at the parking lot; we then made our way up to the Federal Courthouse where we hung out for 20 minutes or so, before leaving to go to the Hillsborough County Courthouse.

Chris and I set up, he was at one end of the courthouse I was at the other.

We were joined at lunch time by Emberlea McCulligh who looks like she will be a regular with FIJA.

Here is video of Chris LeRoux handing out FIJA brochures.

Video of Emberlea handing out FIJA brochures

Today we handed out 1,650 brochures at the courthouse. GREAT JOB!

Tampa FIJA Activists - Left to Right Chris LeRoux, Emberlea McCulligh and James Cox

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