Broward County Courthouse Fort Lauderdale Florida

Today the weather in Fort Lauderdale was warm with a nice cool breeze.

I started off handing out brochures at the Federal Courthouse at: 299 East Broward Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.   This courthouse is slow just like the other Federal courthouses that I attend. I seriously do not understand why these building have to be so big for the small amount of people going in them.

After an hour or so I ventured down town, passing out brochures to people that passed me by.

At the county courthouse there was a line of people sat on the wall outside. I approached every one of them, asking if they would like some information on their rights as a juror. Not many of them refused the information, and no sooner had I handed it to them, they were reading it.

I have never been bothered by the police at the county courthouse, and what is so good about it is that I can stand 6 foot away from the entrance handing out the brochures, unlike the Federal courthouse.

Today I handed out 450 brochures in total, another good day for FIJA activism.

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