James Cox at the County Courthouse Tampa Florida

On Wednesday October 6th I ventured back to Tampa, Florida to educate the people on Jury Nullification, to explain to them that it is their right to vote with their conscience.

The weather was beautiful, clear blue sky, the sun was out and humidity was very low.

I started off at the Federal Courthouse at: 801 N. Florida Avenue Tampa Florida. The amount of people going in and out of this building is very small, I do not know how a building of this size can be justified for the amount of people going in and out of it.

Tampa, Florida Federal Court House: 801 North Florida Avenue Tampa, FL 33602-3800

I handed out brochures at the Federal Courthouse for about an hour, then I moved on to the Tampa Hillsborough Courthouse at: 800 E. Twiggs St, Tampa, Florida.

There is a lot of traffic here, it’s a very busy courthouse, people paying traffic tickets. There’s nothing like ‘Taxation through Citation!’

While handing out brochures, people are now starting to approach me now that I am wearing my ‘No Victim, No Crime’ T-shirt, they are starting to ask “What is this all about?”

I took some video while I was walking to the county courthouse and outside the courthouse.

Today I distributed 600 brochures to the people of Tampa.

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