The weather was strange at the Tampa Federal Court House today.  It was overcast like it was going to rain, humid and there was a chill in the air.  I was greeted by the marshals, they are a friendly lot here in Tampa.

I started to distribute brochures to people passing by, greeting them by saying “good morning”, and following up by saying “have a great day”.  I don’t really get into conversation unless someone asks me what is this that you are handing out.   I would sooner people take the information and educate themselves.

Later in the morning I was joined by Aleksander Pruitt a facebook friend and now a FIJA activist, welcome Alex.

Alex read the information on Handing out FIJA Literature Around Courthouses and then started passing out the brochures to passers by.

Lunch time arrived and we went and ate.  After lunch Alex and I went into Tampa City Center and started handing out brochures to passers by.

The sun came out, but not for long as it decided to rain just as we decided to return to the Tampa Federal Court House.

We returned to the Court House and carried on distributing FIJA brochures.

In total today we distributed 545 brochures, another great day of informing the people of their right to not only judge the case, but also to JUDGE THE LAW!

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