It was a beautiful sunny day, there was a cool breeze, so I returned to the Federal Court house at 299 East Broward Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida and handed out 53 brochures to passers by.

Later I attended the good home of Jim and Corrin DiPasquale for a constitution class.

Jim and Corrin run a couple of meetup groups.

North Broward Freedom Campaign Meetup

North Broward Campaign for Liberty Meetup

There were more than twenty people who attended, that were all concerned about the future of the country.  The class was done with an excellent power point presentation, of which Jim and Corrin talked to knowledgeably.

Information was readily available, CD’s, booklets, leaflets and even a free pocket-sized constitution.

Many of the people that attended the class had some good questioned which were answered very professionally.

I was amazed that a good number of people in the group did not know about certain things, including ” The Rights of the Individual” and what a “Republic” really is.

The group were very receptive to me, and also to the information about the right of a juror to veto bad laws that I gave them.

Jim and Corrin did a great job and I think that they should do this on a monthly basis, maybe rent a room and advertise the idea by handing out flyers in public places.  I can not wait for the next one.

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