James, Mark & Donald

Today the weather in Fort Lauderdale was overcast, hot but there was an intermittent breeze.
I was joined first by Donald Sheldon, he was new on the scene with FIJA last week down in Miami. Then not long after came Mark Printz who is also a member of PUFMM (People United For Medical Marijuana).

Mark is the fourth person to join us in the last two weeks.

We stayed at the Federal Courthouse for a while handing out brochures to the people that pass by.   About 35% that I see here know me as they work either in the courthouse or in the building next door.

We took and early lunch then headed off into town handing brochures out as we walked.

First stop was the Broward College, here we passed out brochures to college students before moving onto the County Courthouse.

At the County Courthouse there was a huge line, even the regulars there were saying “Look how long this line is”.

Mark Printz Having A Blast Handing Out FIJA Brochures

One young man asked me to explain what the brochure was all about, so I explained.  He could not believe what I was telling him. “So you mean to tell me that we can also judge the law, and if it is a bad law we can find not guilty?”  I said “Yes and you do not have to give an explanation either.” “Just one person can hang a jury, that then leaves the judge to decide whether to retry or dismiss the case.”  The young man said “Really?”  “I am going to help you he said, this is important information.”  He asked me for some brochures and a business card.  “James, I am going to help you.” I will  call you okay?”

Meanwhile  Mr. Printz was having a blast handing out the FIJA brochures to the people going in and coming out of the courthouse.

Today we handed out 610 brochures. Awesome Job!

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