Matt & Kay

On Wednesday, May 4,  Emberlea and I returned to Tampa to distribute FIJA brochures and educate people on jury nullification.

As always we started at the Federal Courthouse at 801 N. Florida Avenue Tampa Florida.  We said good morning to the Federal Marshal and passed out brochures for approximately thirty minutes.  We then headed to the Hillsborough County Courthouse at 800 E. Twiggs Street, Tampa, Florida.

At the county courthouse we met up with Matt Leffler & Kay Newton who I had agreed to meet there.  I gave Matt & Kay brochures and explained to them what to do.  As always we took an early lunch and then headed into town to distribute brochures amongst the people that were on lunch.

After an hour we returned to the county courthouse to distribute brochures to the people there.


Today we distributed approximately 800 brochures in and around Tampa, another great day for FIJA activism and outreach.
A big thank you to Emberlea, Matt and Kay.

Florida Libertarian Party Convention 4-28-11 to 5-1-11

On Friday, March 29th, Emberlea and I headed to West Palm Beach, Florida to the Libertarian Party of Florida convention.  At the convention approximately one hundred and twenty Libertarians showed up to hear people speak and to elect party leaders.

Emberlea and I handed out the NEW! Fresh Air for Justice brochure, and we explained to some of the members about jury nullification.

We had a great time educating people and we passed out about 120 brochures.

Emberlea Educating The People Of Tampa, About Jury Nullification

On Thursday, April 28th Emberlea and I returned to the courthouses in Tampa to distribute Fully Informed Jury Information, to educate the people on their right to judge the facts of a case and also to judge the law.
The sky was clear and it was hot and humid.


As always we started at the Federal courthouse at 801 N. Florida Avenue Tampa, Florida. The Federal courthouse is always quiet, there are not many people going in or out, and those that are, are mainly attorneys. After sticking around for thirty minutes we moved on to the Hillsborough County Courthouse at 800 E. Twiggs Street, Tampa, Florida. Normally there is a big audience at the county courthouse, but todays numbers seemed to be down. As always we took an early lunch, then headed into town to Lykes Gaslike Park to catch people on their lunch break. After an hour of handing out brochures at the park, we headed back to the courthouse, passing out brochures to every passerby.

Back at the county courthouse we continued to pass out brochures and have conversations with people about jury nullification.

Today we passed out approximately 640 brochures.