By: Emberlea McCulligh

Today, James Cox and I went to the Federal Courthouse, the County Courthouse and Lykes Gaslight Park in Tampa to distribute FIJA brochures. The first place we started at was the Federal Courthouse, but there was no  activity at the time. Next we walked over to the County courthouse and talked and handed out brochures to many people. Some people asked questions and some didn’t. Some didn’t want any brochures, but most did. At lunch time, we headed over to Lykes Gaslight Park, where many people were sitting on benches and walking through the beautiful downtown park. We had some interesting comments and conversations with various individuals. James had a discussion with a couple about just what FIJA and its outreach and activism does. After that we headed back to the county courthouse.  After an interesting discussion with a gentleman about not having any rights and the uselessness of voting, we continued to distribute brochures. All in all, it was a wonderful experience and I thoroughly enjoyed distributing important information that all people have the need to know. Today we distributed approximately 800 brochures and later James & I made the following video.