Gentleman reading FIJA Brochure

Another fantastic day in Tampa, Florida. The weather was awesome, clear blue sky, sun shine, cool breeze and no humidity.

I arrived at the Federal Courthouse at: 801 N. Florida Avenue Tampa Florida. There were no marshals outside and no people either.  It was Columbus day, so I guess the Fed’s don’t work it.

After standing there for 10 minutes I moved on up to the  Hillsborough County Courthouse at: 800 E. Twiggs Street, Tampa, Florida.  Here there was lots of people to hand FIJA brochures to and to educate them on their right to nullify bad laws.

Around lunch I was joined by Emberlea McCulligh. I gave her the Handing out FIJA Literature Around Courthouses, which she read and handed me back.  I gave Emberlea some brochures and away she went.

Emberlea McCulligh handing out FIJA brochures at the Tampa County Courthouse

The courthouse was really busy, people were lined up down the street.  This truly is a great place to do activism and I could tell that Emberlea was enjoying herself.

Later on I caught up with the gentleman that was reading the brochure and asked him what he thought about it. Here is what he had to say:

Here is Emberlea doing a great job distributing FIJA brochures. Welcome to FIJA Emberlea and thank you for your time and support.

Today we distributed a little over 1,000 brochures at the courthouse. Awesome Job! = )

Nullify Now Event Orlando, Florida 10/10/10

On October 12, 2010, in Nullify Now, by James Cox

Left to Right: Gary Johnson, Me, Mark Cross, Tom Woods, Scott Plakon & Tom Mullen

On Sunday, October 10, 2010 I attended The Tenth Amendment Centers Nullify Now Conference at the Omni Orlando Resort, ChampionsGate, Florida.   I was joined there by My Wife, Dr. Dreyfus and William Hickman. 
The place was a buzz with people wanting to hear what the speakers had to say about Nullification!

Sadly no one from FIJA got to speak; however I did get to sit on a panel’ I explained to the people in the room about FIJA and what real nullification was about. You have a right to vote with your conscience, you have the right to not only judge the facts of the case, but also the law itself and if you think its a bad law you should deliver a not guilty verdict. One person can hang a jury, the court then has to determine whether the defendant should be tried again, or the case against them be dismissed.

At the conference I met some cool people: Gary Johnson (ex-governor of New Mexico),  Tom Woods (Author) and Tom Mullen (Author).

In total I handed out approximately 550 brochures to the people at the conference.

County Courthouse Orlando Florida

On Thursday, October 7, 2010 I drove over to Orlando, Florida to do some activism with Orlando’s FIJA Coordinator John Kurtz and his happy band of activists: Mark Schmidter, Cory Chenard and Alle Shane.

Beautiful weather yet again; clear blue sky, sun beaming down with a nice breeze and very little humidity, an awesome day for FIJA Activism.

The Orange County Courthouse at: 415 N Orange Ave Orlando Florida his huge, this is a monstrous building.  I can’t imagine the justification for a courthouse of this magnitude, all I can say is there must be a massive amount of victimless crimes in Orange County, Florida.

John Kurtz told me that earlier that morning he was told by a police officer to turn off his camera.  The officer tried to snatch the camera three times from John’s hand.  Here is the film footage of that incident.

Later that day I was told by a defense attorney that the judge was telling the jury to ignore the information that we are handing out. Here is the video of the attorney.

Later we were joined by a newcomer to the Orlando FIJA group Alle Shane.

While I was in Orlando I received a call from a lady in Tampa, her name is Leilan Silva. She told me that she was outside the Courthouse in Tampa, Florida and she saw a piece of paper on the floor. She picked up the paper and started to read it, she thought it was amazing that piece of paper was the Who Owns Your Body? brochure.  Lelian told me she wants to get involved and help educate people on this powerful information.  Leilan will be joining Chris LeRoux and I at the Tampa Courthouse next week .

Another great day in Orlando, approximately 1,650 brochures distributed.

James Cox at the County Courthouse Tampa Florida

On Wednesday October 6th I ventured back to Tampa, Florida to educate the people on Jury Nullification, to explain to them that it is their right to vote with their conscience.

The weather was beautiful, clear blue sky, the sun was out and humidity was very low.

I started off at the Federal Courthouse at: 801 N. Florida Avenue Tampa Florida. The amount of people going in and out of this building is very small, I do not know how a building of this size can be justified for the amount of people going in and out of it.

Tampa, Florida Federal Court House: 801 North Florida Avenue Tampa, FL 33602-3800

I handed out brochures at the Federal Courthouse for about an hour, then I moved on to the Tampa Hillsborough Courthouse at: 800 E. Twiggs St, Tampa, Florida.

There is a lot of traffic here, it’s a very busy courthouse, people paying traffic tickets. There’s nothing like ‘Taxation through Citation!’

While handing out brochures, people are now starting to approach me now that I am wearing my ‘No Victim, No Crime’ T-shirt, they are starting to ask “What is this all about?”

I took some video while I was walking to the county courthouse and outside the courthouse.

Today I distributed 600 brochures to the people of Tampa.

Tampa Federal Courthouse 801 N. Florida Avenue Tampa Florida

It looks like the weather is finally cooling down here in Florida.  The sun was out with a clear blue sky, and a fresh cool breeze, absolutely beautiful.

As usual very quiet at the Federal Courthouse at: 801 N. Florida Avenue Tampa Florida, so after about 30 minutes I headed over to the county court house at:  800 E. Twiggs St, Tampa, Florida.

In between handing out brochures and talking to people I snapped a few photographs and took some video for the documentary that we are making.

There were the usual homeless people making flowers from palm leafs; and there was also a homeless person playing the guitar, trying to bring happiness to the people that were being dragged through the injustice system.

This was another good day, 530 brochures distributed at an extremely busy courthouse.

Today started out pretty interesting. A small team of two individuals got up early and met in front of the Duval County Courthouse with the purpose of distributing Jury Rights information to the general public. The team started out as normal and managed to get about 100 pamphlets into the hands of passersby just before the court sent out the troops. Our boys were boxed in by four “officers of the court” who were sent out by the State Attorney’s Office after learning that Jury Rights info was being passed out. The obvious leader of the officers sent out, Mr. Zipper, asked for identification which was provided to him, and one of our team members asked for his identification which was shoved in his face literally. Mr. Zipper asked our team what is was that we were trying to accomplish and was told that we were only trying to hand out information to anyone who wanted it and that we were not motivated by anything except for a desire to education the population at large. At this point Mr. Zipper informed our team that we not educating the public but rather we were tampering with his jury and were told to leave. We informed Mr. Zipper that we would be happy to leave but that it was important that he understand that we were not tampering with his jury but simply handing out information. At this point he became more agitated and demanded our immediate departure to which we offered a hand shake to Mr. Zipper and left. Exciting times in Jacksonville!

On Thursday, September 30th, 2010 I headed out to Orlando to meet with FIJA Orlando Coordinator John Kurtz and his crew Mark Schmidter and Cory Chenard.

The sky was overcast and there was chill in the air, but that made a refreshing change.

We started to hand out FIJA brochures at the Federal Courthouse at:  401 West Central Boulevard Orlando, Florida.

After an hour we headed over to the Orange County Court House at: 415 N. Orange Ave, Orlando, Florida.  Here it was really busy, lots of people going into the courthouse.  We were shortly joined by Austin White and Audra Montgomery who are regulars with FIJA Orlando.

One of the females that I offered a brochure to said “You should not be doing that, what you are handing out is all lies”  I asked the lady if she was an attorney to which she replied “Yes”.  I said to her “Well of course you would say that, your a prosecuting attorney and you are trying to squelch my freedom of speech!” Shortly after an officer of the law arrived and told me that I have every right to be here handing out the brochures, but could I not be abrasive  with people.  I explained that I am not going to sit back and be attacked verbally, that if someone is going to do that I will say something back. The officer was okay with what I said and left.

Later that afternoon a lady dressed in black told us that an email had gone out to all the attorneys and judges letting them know that we were outside handing out the brochures. [Rumor has it that they sent all of the jurors home.]

Team Orlando did very well, they distributed approximately 1,850 brochures, AWESOME JOB!

Later that evening I spoke at The University of Florida, approximately 70 people attended.  I spoke about how the government assumes that it owns your body, because the government can tell you what you can and can not put in your body.