County Court House Fort Lauderdale

I arrived in Fort Lauderdale and met Greg at the parking lot and then moved to our usual spot at the back of the Federal Court House at: 299 East Broward Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We stayed there till 11AM and then took an early lunch.

After Lunch we headed over to the County Court House on SE 6th Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  There are a lot more people at the county courthouse.

Today was a really hot day it must have been close to 100 degrees.

We distributed approximately 390 brochures to people around the courthouse, another good day for FIJA activism.

Left to Right - James Cox, Deborah Langdon and Harry 'Skip' Robinson

Today I drove 70 miles north to West Palm Beach, Florida to re-ignite the FIJA fire in a FIJA activist from the 90’s. I met Harry ‘Skip’ Robinson at the Federal Court House at: 701 Clematis Street, West Palm Beach, Florida.  Harry was involved in FIJA activism in the early 90’s and decided to meet me today to help educate the people of  West Palm Beach.

I gave Skip the Handing out FIJA Literature Around Courthouses to read while I went inside to talk to the JSI (Judicial Security Inspector).  As usual I gave ID, had my photograph taken and my body scanned by the Federal Marshals inside the court house.  I asked one of the Marshals “Who and where is the JSI for this building?”  The Marshal did not know, but directed me to the Marshals office on the 2nd floor, room 215.   In the Marshals office there was a lady behind the glass. I introduced myself and I asked her “Who is in charge?” She replied ” Wayne Pickering, but he is not available until next Tuesday.”  I asked “Who did he leave in charge?” She said “Damien Manguel.” She called Mr. Manguel to the window where I was standing.  I introduced myself to Mr. Manguel and asked if he had any objection to me handing out brochures around the Federal Court House.  I explained that I had been down in Fort Lauderdale and had spoken with Patti Clark there in the past.  Mr. Manguel went and made a phone call, then told me that I could not hand the brochures out on the courthouse property, but I was okay on the sidewalk.

I went downstairs to meet back up with Skip.  About 10 minutes went by and a guard from the court came up and asked us what we were doing.  I explained, he asked for a copy of the brochure, to which I gave and he got on the radio.  To me this shows what bad communications the Marshals have with the guards.

After about an hour at the Federal Courthouse, we moved on to the county courthouse at: 205 North Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach, Florida.

West Palm Beach County Court House

We stood and handed out brochures and saw through the archway that more people were arriving and leaving from the other side, so we walked through the arch handing out brochures. This is when a police officer yelled at me, “Stop handing those out you are not allowed to solicit here.”  I explained that we were not soliciting and that we are educating people. He told me that if I was to carry on handing out the information that I would be arrested.  I asked him to tell me the statute or the law that states that I can not hand out information at the courthouse.  At this point he got really loud, (reminded me of the drill sergent in the movie, full metal jacket) saying “It is against the law and that if I was to persist that he would arrest me.”  I explained that I was not being funny with him that for my own protection I just wanted to know where to find the law.  At this point he told me “Its administrative law, if I you do not move over to the side walk, I will arrest you and this is the last time that I am telling you. With this Skip and I moved off of the courthouse and onto the sidewalk.

On the other side of the building we were joined by Deborah Langdon.  I gave her the Handing out FIJA Literature Around Courthouses to read, which she did and then proceeded to hand out brochures.

Deborah and Skip handing out FIJA Brochures

At around 1pm Skip left and we carried on distributing brochures.

I handed out a brochure to a gentleman and then realized that it was Mark.  I had met him at the Constitutional class at James and Corrin DePasquales house.  Deborah noticed that there was someone from the sheriffs office about 20 feet away, pretending to be on the phone and watching and listening to what we were saying.  Deborah had to go to put more money in her meter so we went and attended to that.

On the way back, a female, courthouse staff approached me and asked me for a brochure.  I gave her the Q & A Primer to which she said “I don’t want this one I want the shiny blue one, I think it has guns on the front?” Jury Protection for Second Amendment I asked this female if she had a business card. She replied that she did not.  I looked over to the direction that she came from and saw the gentleman that was listening and watching Deborah and I earlier.  I found this very peculiar. I told the female that I had to go that I was meeting someone.

Deborah and I carried on passing out information to the people walking by.  Today we handed out approximately 320 brochures.  Good Job Skip and Deborah.