Caught Reading A FIJA Brochure Outside The Federal Courthouse In Tampa, Florida

Today I took a trip out to Tampa, Florida to educate the folks of the bay area.

The sky was clear and it was humid, but in the shadow of the tall Federal Courthouse at: 801 N. Florida Avenue, Tampa, Florida it was rather chilly. I hung around the courthouse handing out FIJA brochures, thats when I snapped the photo of this lady, who sat down to read the brochure that I had just handed to her.

After an hour I headed over to the county courthouse to do some serious activism and education.

Lady at The Tampa County Courthouse Reading FIJA Brochure

The Tampa Hillsborough Courthouse located at: 800 E. Twiggs Street, Tampa, Florida, is really busy. That is where I took a photo of this lady reading the FIJA brochure.

While people were waiting they were reading and some of them came and told me “Thank you” and “I never knew that.”

Today I handed out 590 brochures, another good day of activism.

Join us in Orlando on Thursday, September 30, 2010 starting at the Orlando Federal Courthouse.

Start off at: 7:00AM Orlando Federal Court House: 401 West Central Boulevard Orlando, FL 32801-0401
Then at 10:00AM – Orange County Court House at 415 N Orange Ave Orlando, FL 32801.
Then at 7:00PM Over to UCF – YAL/NORML @ UCF Hosting American Drug War Screening   –
Contact information:
James Cox 727.386.9192 –
John Kurtz – 407.575.1424 –

Facebook Event:

Left, James Cox Right, Chis Goldthorpe

I met with Chris Goldthorpe at the Federal Courthouse in Fort Lauderdale, the sky was black and it was inevitable that it was going to rain. We stuck around the Federal Courthouse for a few hours and then headed over to the city center for an early lunch.

After lunch we stood outside on the sidewalk at Broward College, before heading off to the county courthouse.
At the county courthouse it threw it down with rain, although this did not stop Chris and I handing out the FIJA brochures under the courthouse canopy.

There was not as many people as usual out and about today, but considering the weather we handed out around 360 brochures.

Back of the Federal Courthouse Fort Lauderdale Florida where I hand out FIJA brochures

The weather at the Federal Courthouse at: 299 East Broward Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida was hot and humid. Where I stand at the back of the courthouse, (the parking garage) there were more than the average people passing by.

I took an early lunch at 11AM and headed into town to get ready for the 12PM rush.  After lunch I stuck around the city center handing information to people that were on their lunch breaks.

At around 12:30PM I headed over to Broward College, to stand on the sidewalk outside and handed out information to the college students.

Broward College Fort Lauderdale Florida

I truly believe that if we are going to make a difference, it must be done through educating high school and college students.

On the sidewalk outside the college I was approached by a male employee  from the college. He told me that I can not hand out brochures on the sidewalk outside the college. I explained to him that we have had this conversation before with the security guard and a police officer (check out my previous post on this website).  The gentleman went inside, and not long after the female security guard who I had a previous conversation with came out to me.   Again she told me that I could not hand out information, I reminded her of our previous conversation with the lieutenant.  She said that she was going to call the police and off she went inside.  It seems to me that some people would love to squelch freedom of speech.  I carried on handing out the brochures on the public sidewalk.

After about 30 minutes or so no sign of the police so, I headed over to the county courthouse, here I continued to hand out brochures for the rest of the day.

In total today I handed out 430 brochures, it was a great day to be educated on Jury Veto Power!

On Saturday, September 18, 2010, Craig Toth and I went and handed out FIJA brochures in Holiday Park out side War Memorial Auditorium, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In the War Memorial Auditorium there was a gun show, so we started to hand out The Second Amendment FIJA brochure. After about 50 minutes we were approached by officer Henslar badge number 3509 of the Fort Lauderdale police department.  He told us that we could not pass out fliers without permission from the organizer.  I asked the officer where the organizer was and he directed me inside.  Inside I spoke to the organizer who told me that she did not want me outside handing out fliers. I explained the cause, but she did not care.

Outside I spoke with Craig who told me that the park and the building are municipal and that political parties and others have handed out fliers with no problem.

The officer came over and told us to leave, Craig told him that it is a public park. The officer told us that it was against the city ordinance to hand bill. Craig asked him what section, the officer did not know and told us to leave.

We went to the public library and pulled up the municipal code.  There is an ordinance, however it does NOT say that it is against the law to pass out educational brochures.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Code of Ordinances >> – CODE OF ORDINANCES >> Chapter 3 – ADVERTISING >> ARTICLE II. – HANDBILLS >> Chapter 3, Article 2, Section 3-30 States:

Sec. 3-30. – Distributing in public place.

It shall be unlawful for any person to deposit, place, throw, scatter or cast any commercial handbill in or upon any public place within this city. It shall also be unlawful for any person to hand out or distribute or sell any commercial handbill in any public place; provided, however, that it shall not be unlawful for any person to hand out or distribute, without charge to the receiver thereof, any handbill in any public place to any person willing to accept such handbill.

(Code 1953, § 3-9)

This ordinance does NOT apply because we were not soliciting for business or donations for charity.

We printed off the ordinance and headed back to the War Memorial Auditorium to talk to the officer.

Inside I thanked the officer for pointing out the ordinance, and  tried to explain to him that it does not apply to what we are doing.  The officer did not want to hear what I had to say and threatened to arrest me for trespass.

You can see video of that here

As you can see and hear the officer Henslar badge number 3509 abused his position.

We left and went down to the police station, where I spoke with sergeant Greenlaw #1488 who basically told me that if an officer gives you an order to leave you must leave or he can arrest you for trespass.  Sergeant Greenlaw told me that he will talk to the officer and get back to me on Monday, September 20.

Today we handed approximately 80 brochures before the officer abused his power.

Today at the Federal Courthouse in Fort Lauderdale, Florida the weather was overcast and humid.

The day started off slow with just a few people going into court.

Later that morning it poured it down with rain.  When the rain stopped I headed for an early lunch.

After lunch I headed over the county courthouse where it rained again.

Despite the rain and getting wet, I handed out 340 brochures today.

James, Mark & Donald

Today the weather in Fort Lauderdale was overcast, hot but there was an intermittent breeze.
I was joined first by Donald Sheldon, he was new on the scene with FIJA last week down in Miami. Then not long after came Mark Printz who is also a member of PUFMM (People United For Medical Marijuana).

Mark is the fourth person to join us in the last two weeks.

We stayed at the Federal Courthouse for a while handing out brochures to the people that pass by.   About 35% that I see here know me as they work either in the courthouse or in the building next door.

We took and early lunch then headed off into town handing brochures out as we walked.

First stop was the Broward College, here we passed out brochures to college students before moving onto the County Courthouse.

At the County Courthouse there was a huge line, even the regulars there were saying “Look how long this line is”.

Mark Printz Having A Blast Handing Out FIJA Brochures

One young man asked me to explain what the brochure was all about, so I explained.  He could not believe what I was telling him. “So you mean to tell me that we can also judge the law, and if it is a bad law we can find not guilty?”  I said “Yes and you do not have to give an explanation either.” “Just one person can hang a jury, that then leaves the judge to decide whether to retry or dismiss the case.”  The young man said “Really?”  “I am going to help you he said, this is important information.”  He asked me for some brochures and a business card.  “James, I am going to help you.” I will  call you okay?”

Meanwhile  Mr. Printz was having a blast handing out the FIJA brochures to the people going in and coming out of the courthouse.

Today we handed out 610 brochures. Awesome Job!

James & Craig

The weather started out fine, a little overcast and very humid. I met Greg at the Federal Court House and we stayed there until around 11AM.
We walked into the city, every person that we encountered we asked them would you like some information on your rights as or learn about jury nullification.
After hanging around the city center for about an hour we went over to the county courthouse, there we met up with Craig.
We passed out brochures to the people around the courthouse, to which the majority are receptive.
Later in the afternoon it threw it down with rain and it stayed that way for the rest of the day.

Today we handed out around 590 brochures.

Steve Janowitz & Donald Sheldon

Today in Miami the weather was really hot and humid. I met Steve Janowitz at the Federal Court House at: 301 North Miami Avenue, Miami, Florida. As usual the Federal Courthouses are not that busy, so we went over to the county courthouse at: 1351 NW 12th Street, Miami, Florida.

At the county courthouse we met Donald Sheldon who drove down from Broward County to help distribute the brochures.  I gave Donald the document: Handing out FIJA Literature Around Courthouses. Once he had read the document I gave Donald some brochures and he started handing them out.

Donald handing out FIJA brochures

The courthouse was really busy with people constantly going into the courthouse and people exiting the courthouse.

Between the two courthouses  we distributed  770 brochures today,Great Job!

Greg, Craig, Alex & James

The weather was overcast, hot and humid in Fort Lauderdale today.

I was met by a newcomer to FIJA, Craig who was introduced to me by Alex on the phone last night.  A little later Greg arrived and then followed by Alex.

Alex explained in a previous conversations that he had done FIJA out reach before in Missouri and Texas and was ready to help out again here in Florida.

We all stuck around the Federal Courthouse for a while before taking an early lunch.

After lunch we all headed over to the county courthouse, but to our surprise there was hardly anyone there due to a holiday.

We headed back into town and back to the Broward College where we started to distribute brochures to students.  At one point a guard came out and told us that we could not solicit outside the college.  I explained to her that we were not soliciting, that we were educating people on jury rights.  She started yelling across the street to a college police officer “Lieutenant! Lieutenant!”

Alex & Greg Distributing FIJA Brochures

The officer came over, the guard told him that we were soliciting people and that the college had a no soliciting policy.  He said that, that was correct.  I explained that we are not soliciting, that we are educating.  At this point Craig came over and intervened.  He asked the officer “Is this a public school paid for by the tax payer?” The officer said “Yes” Craig then said “Then under the Florida Constitution Article 1, Section 4, freedom of speech and press, we are allowed to stand here on the sidewalk and distribute this educational material.”  The officer said “That is correct, so long as you stay on the sidewalk.”  Craig said “Okay.” The officer and guard then left.

We carried on distributing brochures and talked to a few college students who were interested in what this was about.

Craig told me that he is on stand by for the county and he regularly gets called to help out at the gun shows in Broward county.  He asked me if he could take some of the second amendment brochures and hand them out at the gun show on September 18th and 19th.

Today we distributed approximately 530 brochures at the Federal Courthouse, downtown and at Broward College. Good Job Guys!

Greg and I At The County Courthouse Fort Lauderdale

On Friday September 3rd, I met Greg at the Federal Court House at: 299 East Broward Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The weather was very hot and humid with a partial overcast sky.

We stuck around for a while before heading over to the county courthouse on SE 6th Street Fort Lauderdale Florida. There are a lot more people going in and out of this courthouse, plus we can stand closer to the building.

At the courthouse I was approached and asked by a lady “Why are you here doing this?”   I replied “Ma’am there are so many bad laws,  it is only a matter of time before someone that I know is going to be  charged with a crime.”  “Our only peaceful defense is an educated jury, it takes just one person on a jury to vote with their conscience, to judge the facts and the law.”  “One person can hang a jury, and if this happens enough, it becomes embarrassing to the prosecutors, bureaucrats, and legislators.”  I then explained that it is the juror that is the most powerful person in the court room, the juror has the last say on not only the evidence, but the law itself.  I said “Jury Veto Power is a way for “We The People” to retain control over the government, because it is we, not they, who can decide whether or not to apply the law.”  I explained  “When you sit on a jury you have the right to judge the law,  if it is a bad law return a not guilty verdict.” Once I had explained this, the lady said “Thank you, I am looking forward to reading your brochure.”

Today was another good educational day for FIJA activism. Greg and I distributed approximately 410 brochures.