FIJA at The Florida Liberty Summit

On Friday, August 13th, my wife and I attended the Campaign for Liberty’s Florida Liberty Summit in Orlando, Florida. I met up with my facebook friend Michael Shanklin. Although we have spoken many times on the phone, via internet, and on our radio broadcasts we have never met in person.

It was amazing to be around so many people that love freedom. Some of  the people were uneducated about Jury Veto Power, but were willing to be educated, they soon learned.  There was not one objection to the information that I was handing out, in fact people were asking me if I could talk at their events.

Clint Shivers Event

I met Clint Shivers for the first time and he has arranged for me to speak at the Libertarian Party meeting for: Duval, Baker, and St. John County . The meeting is on Thu, August 19, 6:30pm – 8:30pm at the Piccadilly meeting facility at 5950 Ramona Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32205. Clint told me that he was attending a show on Saturday, August 14th, so I gave Clint some brochures and they gave them out at their event.

I explained to the people that I talked to that, as an individual, they cannot do much to effect legislation. However, just one person can hang a jury by refusing conviction and this sends a message to legislators, prosecutors, bureaucrats, and judges. This lets them know that the law is not supported by the community.  The people  that I spoke with understood that they are the 4th branch of government, and why it is important to get on the jury.

It was interesting to know that Libertarian Alex Snitker agrees with the FIJA message.

Alex Snitker Libertarian U.S. Senate Candidate for Florida

On Sunday I met with Sheriff Mack who also supports FIJA.

Sheriff Mack Supports FIJA

I met with well over one thousand people, who are mainly from Florida and also took my FIJA brochures. A number of  people asked if they could have more to give to family and friends. A number of  people also wanted more information to hand out to their groups and events that they were attending.

The Florida Liberty Summit gave me the opportunity to get in front of a lot of people, and educate them on the message of FIJA and Jury Veto Power!  ~ I see good things coming from networking with others at this event. With the amount of people that asked me to speak at their events, I see the message spreading throughout Florida.

The weather was over cast, humid and the weatherman had forecast rain, but that did not stop me from proceeding to the Federal Court House in Tampa, located at: 801 North Florida Avenue Tampa, FL 33602.

I started handing brochures out around the courthouse and was joined not long after by Chris LeRoux who has become a serious FIJA supporter/activist.

We stuck around for an hour, because it was pretty quiet, decided to go to the Hillsborough Courthouse which is located at 800 E Twiggs St, Tampa, FL. Here we found lots of people and started to hand out brochures.

Around 11:20AM the heavens opened and it was time to run for cover, so we decided to get some lunch.

After lunch it was business as usual, we headed back to the Hillsborough Courthouse.
In total we handed out 800 brochures to the people around the courthouses.

At 6PM I attended a meeting with the people from the Restore America Plan. I like this meeting because I always get to stand up and talk to the new comers about FIJA and Jury Veto Power! At the meeting I handed out 60 FIJA Brochures. Next week I will be doing a presentation on FIJA at the Restore America Plan meeting and also in Jacksonville for the Libertarian Party.

The weather was strange at the Tampa Federal Court House today.  It was overcast like it was going to rain, humid and there was a chill in the air.  I was greeted by the marshals, they are a friendly lot here in Tampa.

I started to distribute brochures to people passing by, greeting them by saying “good morning”, and following up by saying “have a great day”.  I don’t really get into conversation unless someone asks me what is this that you are handing out.   I would sooner people take the information and educate themselves.

Later in the morning I was joined by Aleksander Pruitt a facebook friend and now a FIJA activist, welcome Alex.

Alex read the information on Handing out FIJA Literature Around Courthouses and then started passing out the brochures to passers by.

Lunch time arrived and we went and ate.  After lunch Alex and I went into Tampa City Center and started handing out brochures to passers by.

The sun came out, but not for long as it decided to rain just as we decided to return to the Tampa Federal Court House.

We returned to the Court House and carried on distributing FIJA brochures.

In total today we distributed 545 brochures, another great day of informing the people of their right to not only judge the case, but also to JUDGE THE LAW!

The weather was sunny and humid, I arrived at the courthouse in Tampa and was joined shortly by Mark Lessard and then Chris LeRoux.

We handed brochures out around the courthouse, it was pretty slow.

At noon Mark had to leave to go to work,  Chris and I headed into the city for lunch and hand out brochures.

After lunch we headed to the city square, we found that it was not as busy as it has been in the past.

Around 2pm we headed back to the courthouse to carry on handing out brochures.

The marshals are friendly here in Tampa, Chris and I have had some good conversations with them.

We handed out a total of 419 brochures and Chris took 100 brochures to leave in smoke shops around the Tampa bay area.

I drove to Deltona to pick up Harry Felker who volunteered his day off work to come and help hand out FIJA brochures outside the Federal Court House in Orlando at: 401 West Central Boulevard Orlando, FL 32801-0401.

John Kurtz, who is now a regular to the Orlando Federal Court House was there to meet us.

We started to distribute FIJA brochures to the people in the area.  John left at around 10am and said that he would be back at around lunch time.

Harry and I left the court house at about noon to get some lunch and to hand out information around the city of Orlando.

During handing out brochures in the city, we received a phone call from John telling us that he had brought two more volunteers to help us out.

When we arrived back at the courthouse we met Audra Montgomery and Gemma Wheatley.

We hung around the courthouse for just over an hour with very little traffic, so we headed back into town where there was people walking about.

In total we handed out 507 brochures to passers by.

Good work guys and lets keep growing this group in Orlando.

The weather was overcast and could not make its mind up, if it was going to rain or if the sun was going to come out.

I have always found the Marshals to be friendly at the Tampa Federal Court House at 801 North Florida Avenue Tampa, FL 33602-3800.  They always say good morning and ask me how I am doing.

I was joined around 10AM by Chris LeRoux who is very passionate about FIJA activism.  Chris said to me once “I love FIJA because it only takes one educated Juror to free a man from unjust laws and an unjust system. That means every potential Juror I educate equates to potentially sticking the middle finger in the eye of the blue uniformed and black robed thugs.”

It was very slow around the court house in the morning, both Chris and I could not wait till lunch came, so that we could head into the city and get some real foot traffic.

Lunch time came and we headed into the city to have pizza at our favorite pizza place at: Eddie Sams NY Pizza, located at 203 East Twiggs, Tampa, FL. As always the pizza was delicious.

We headed to the city square were we got real busy handing brochures out to the passers by.

At 2PM we headed back to the courthouse and carried out handing out brochures.  In total we handed out 416 brochures.

Chris has been going to local gun stores and  smoke shops and leaving brochures with the owners.  I gave Chris 100 brochures to carry on with this activism.

In all a good day.