Another hot day at the Federal Court House: 299 East Broward Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale Florida.

I arrived at 7:50am and met with Chris Goldthorpe to organize brochures for distribution, then headed to the parking garage on NE 1st Street.

We started distributing brochures to the general public and Within 20 minutes we were joined by Greg Gieseke.

Chris left at about 10am;  he had some business to take care of, Greg and I carried on distributing brochures, then went for lunch at 12pm.

After lunch we headed into town for an hour handing the brochures out to passers by.

I decided to go to Broward College and I spoke with a lady called Susan Hawk, she said that she would place the FIJA brochures in the student room.

We left the college and headed back into the city, I stood outside City Park Mall, distributing brochures and informing people of Jury Veto Power.  Greg left at about 1:30pm.

It was after 2pm; I returned to the court house and carried on distributing brochures until 4pm.

At 7pm I attended a Libertarian Party Meeting at Denny’s, about six people showed up.  One of them said that he used to distribute FIJA materials in the 90’s and would help out as and when he could.

Today we distributed 346 brochures in Fort Lauderdale, another great day.

It was a hot day today at the Miami Federal Court House at 301 North Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33128-7712.

I arrived at the Federal Court House at 8am and started handing out brochures to passers by.

By noon I had handed out 41 brochures to people passing by, and going to the courthouse.

I broke at noon to get lunch, and after lunch headed to the Government Center and Metro Rail station at 101 NW 1st Street, Miami,  Florida.  I stood for an hour and handed out brochures to passers by then made my way back to the courthouse.

At 3pm I was joined by a local and facebook friend Volkmar Alphin who came to help distribute FIJA brochures.  I gave Volkmar the Handing out FIJA Literature Around Courthouses .PDF to read, which he did, then he set about handing the brochures out.

I explained that I will be at the Fort Lauderdale Federal Court House at 299 East Broward Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale Florida, tomorrow and he said that he will join us after school.

Today we distributed 461 brochures in Miami, it was a good day. = )

On Saturday 7/24/10 my family and I attended the North Pinellas 912 group protest at the intersection of Keene Road and Main Street in Dunedin, Florida.

It was a beautiful day, and there was a good turn out of people protesting about the tyrannical run away government.

The people at this protest were very pleasant and understanding.  I explained who I was and what I was representing.  They all took a brochure from me and thanked me for this information.

I explained to some of the people that: the Fourth, Ninth and Tenth Amendment of the Bill of Rights makes it clear that government has no authority to own or manage our bodies. The people at the protest agreed, they said that they would read the information that I gave them and get back to me.  In speaking to them, I explained that my work involves standing outside the Federal Court Houses around the  state of Florida. In doing so, I am educating people of Jury Veto Power! – They found this to very interesting and thanked me for my activism.  

After the protest we were invited to lunch at: Tiffany’s restaurant, US 19, Pinellas County.  A few people showed up,  we discussed how the juror has the right to not only judge the facts, but also the law.  I explained that it is the right of the juror to nullify bad laws, by refusing to convict people being tried under those laws. Also I explained that when jurors refuse to convict, it shows that the law is not supported by the community, and that acquittals and hung juries are embarrassing to legislators, prosecutors, bureaucrats and most judges.

On my way home I stopped in at Gun City to look at, and price up guns.  I spoke with the Manager Jackie Rollins and Owner Gerald Erdman, very nice and informative people.   I asked if it was possible to leave some brochures with them to put on the counter.  Gerald mentioned that he was aware of FIJA and is in full support of it and took the brochures.

In total I distributed 72 brochures at the North Pinellas 912 project protest,  and I left 100 brochures at Gun City.

Today was a great day in the sun passing out jury rights information at the Tampa Federal Courthouse. The Marshals were pleasant and even welcoming! Some seem sympathetic in at least some ways, maybe even entirely in the case of certain individuals to be unnamed. We distributed a good number of brochures around the courthouse and then headed to lunch nearby in a courtyard area with various vendors and a park, handing them out along the way to many people. There was a band in the courtyard playing some very nice relaxing music of various genres and using several instruments. We were able to hand out a great deal of the brochures in the courtyard area and nearly all the people that took the brochures seemed interested in the material and many even seemed happy to me. Its nice to know we still have some recourse left in the face of Big Brother! We headed back to the courthouse while distributing brochures, finally ending up passing out over 670 of them!

Right before I had to leave around 3:30, the chief huncho security dude came out and discussed the Injustice system with us and allowed me to vent my disdain for the reckless, innumeramble, unintelligable, rules currently “in force” and the raw, unprovoked aggression backing them all up, no matter how silly or petty the rule. He was receptive on certain points and generally a very nice guy. Its nice to know some of these guys are still human beings beneath the corrupt system and engage them in the intellectual battle directly in a peaceful and respectful manner but not bowing down to authority an inch. Finally, I was out of time and had to leave but I look forward to the next Tampa outing and hope maybe with more people we can do this more often and maybe even expand into Clearwater or St. Pete if there are jury trials there. Fun in the sun standing up peacefully, succefully,and productively. I love it!

On Wednesday July 21, 2010 I attended the restore America plan meeting in Tampa, were I talked about FIJA and gave out about sixty brochures and business cards.  The group asked me to do a presentation on August 25th talking about jury nullification.

The weather was hot and humid today, but that was not going to stop us handing of FIJA brochures.

I arrived at the Federal Court House at  and just to make sure that there was no miss understanding and miss communication, I told one of the marshals that we were about to hand out information.  I was asked by one of the marshals if he could have some of the brochures, to which I gave him a copy of each.  Unbeknown to me this was the JSI (Judicial Security Inspector) Hilton Markette.

I set about my business and was joined by Mark Lessard who is a friend of mine on facebook.

We were shortly joined by my good friend Chris LeRoux who is now a FIJA  contact  here in the Tampa bay area.

There was  a lot of foot traffic around the court house today but because there was three of us, no one went by without being offered a brochure.

Mark left just before 12pm but did say that this is important and that he will be back again to help with this very important cause. – Thank you Mark!

Chris and I broke for lunch and went to eat pizza at Eddie Sams NY Pizza, located at 203 East Twiggs, Tampa, FL.  The pizza was delicious.  Chris asked if we could leave some brochures and they said, absolutely.

After lunch we went a little further into the city and started to hand out brochures for an hour.   There was a band playing and there was a lot of people walking around.

We were joined by Harry McKay who I had spoken to the other evening and he had said that he would come and give his support.

I gave Harry the Distributing FIJA Literature in Front of Courthouses letter for him to read and digest.

We distributed FIJA brochures until 2PM then headed back to the Federal Court House handing out brochures to everyone that we saw.

Back at the court house we carried on distributing the brochures and surprise, surprise the marshal that asked me for the brochures this morning turns out to be no other than  JSI Hilton Markette.  We stood and talked about various things regarding law, the judicial system and politics and then Hilton left to have a late lunch.

Today was an AWESOME day, we distributed   673 FIJA brochures.

YOU GO TEAM TAMPA!  – Great job guys lets do this again and again!

The weather in Orlando was hot today, a little humid, but there was a breeze now and then.          I was joined earlier in the morning by John Kurts who helped me distribute FIJA brochures around the Federal Court House at: 401 West Central Boulevard Orlando, FL 32801-0401.

I met John the last time I was in Orlando with Scott Olver from The Campaign for Liberty, two great guys fighting for freedom.

John helped out for about two hours and then left with a hand full of brochures, to distribute to people that he will meet in his travels.

John Kurtz & James Cox at the Orlando Federal Court House

I broke for lunch at around 12:30pm and headed into Orlando to Subway.  I decided after lunch to distribute brochures along Orange Avenue, for about an hour, before heading back to the Federal Court House.

Today was a tremendous day for distributing FIJA brochures, the total amount distributed was 307.

On my way home I received a call from a gentleman that received a brochure off of me and wanted to know how he could help out with this.  I directed him to this website and also the main website, so that he could become familiar with FIJA.  He told me that he will call me back tomorrow so that we can plan on meeting the next time that I am in Orlando. I am looking forward to that call.

On Thursday July, 22 2010 I will be at the Tampa Federal Court House at: 801 North Florida Avenue Tampa, FL 33602-3800 from 8am to 4pm.

Looks like the word is getting around, because I had a phone call tonight from two gentlemen: Harry McKay and Don Koffron who will be joining Chris Leroux and myself on Thursday.  Anyone else that is interested in joining me or helping out with FIJA throughout the country please call me on 727.386.9192 or you can call the main FIJA telephone number at 406.442.7800 and tell them James told you to call.

Miami Federal Court House 301 North Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33128-7712

Miami Federal Court House 301 North Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33128-7712

I arrived at the Federal Court House at 301 North Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33128-7712 at 8am and started handing out information to the general public.  As always some take it and read it and some say no thank you.  Either way I always say have a good day.

Later that morning Steve Janowitz joined me.  Steve is from People United For Medical Marijuana (PUFMM).  You can find there website at and if you are a Florida registered voter you can find out the information to signing the petition here .

Steve and I passed out brochures around the court house the rest of the morning and then broke for lunch.

Later that day there was a heavy down pour of rain that lasted about 20 minutes, we took shelter in a bus shelter till it passed.

I handed some information to a young gentleman who was an intern at the court house. He asked me if he could have more of the brochures, which I gave him,  as he was writing a paper on Jury Nullification.

About 3pm Steve asked if I had any objection to going and handing out the brochures in a high traffic areas where there were lots of people.  So we walked down to the Government Center and Metro Rail station at 101 NW 1st Street, Miami,  Florida to hand out FIJA brochures.

Steve Janowitz of PUFMM Explaining The Power of The Juror to a Young Lady

This area was real high traffic with people going about their every day lives.  Steve handed a brochure to this one young lady who was very interested and started asking him questions.

Within one hour we hand handed out the rest of the brochures to the people passing by.

Steve attends several events to get signatures for PUFMM, he asked me for some more brochures to take with him as he had ran out of the previous ones that I had gave him in Orlando.

Steve explained to me earlier on, that when he does events and the FIJA brochures are on the table, people come and ask him if they can take them.

It was a great day in Miami, the total amount of brochures passed out 400, and I would like to thank Steve Janowitz for his help and look forward to networking with him again soon.

Steve Janowitz and Me After A Real Hot Humid Day.

Greg and I returned to the Federal Court House at 299 East Broward Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  The weather was good, humid but good.  We set up at the back of the court house where the parking lots are.  We had a down pour of rain, but did not get wet, because we took shelter in the parking garage.  From 8am to 12pm we handed out 97 brochures to passers by.

We went and had lunch then headed up to West Palm Beach where I had been informed by a Dan Ray a friend of mine that there was a protest at the South Florida Water Management District Budget Workshop against Charlie Christ the Governor of the state of Florida.

We arrived a little later than expected at the protest due to traffic. Greg and I handed information to people and answered their questions.  One young woman who claimed to be a prosecuting attorney said “Well the law is the law.”   I asked her “If someone was risking going to prison for the possession of a fire arm even though they had not threatened anyone with it, would you purse to prosecute them?”  In which she replied “I would have to think about that one”  “WHAT!”

The hours went by and Greg was talking to a security guard who found the information that we were handing out to be very interesting.  He asked for more of the brochures so that he could give them to a few friends and family.  He started to tell us that he is a motorcycle enthusiast and that you can be fined $1,500 if you bring the front wheel of a motorcycle off of the ground.  As he was saying this two police officers where heading to the door to go into the building in which he said to them “Isn’t that right?” and they said “Yes”.  I said “Does that apply to people on peddle cycles also?” they went inside.  Within a few minutes one of the officers popped his head out of the door and told the guard that his captain wanted to speak to him.  Then one of the officers came out, he was not facing us, we were to his right at a ninety degree  angle.  He said “Everyone has gone, its just employees here, if you have a vehicle you should make your way to it and leave.  If you don’t have a vehicle I can give you a ride to where you need to be.”  Greg did not hear this as he did not have his hearing aids in.  The officer pulled out some Oakley sunglasses put them on his face and started to slide them up and down his nose.  Greg not knowing what the officer said started to engage in a conversation with him about how he had read how Oakley’s were really good glasses.  The officer then repeated what he said earlier.  I said come on lets go, so we left.

There was something wrong with that picture, the officers stance, his actions and the fact that he was not looking at us when talking to us.

We handed out 64 brochures at the protest, that is a total of 151 brochure for the day.

On Thursday July 8th 2010 I set out to Orlando, Florida to distribute brochures outside the Federal Court House at 401 West Central Boulevard Orlando, FL 32801-0401.

As usual I went inside and tried to talk with the JSI (Judicial Security Inspector) who is Hilton Marquette, who is also the JSI for Tampa and Ocala, Florida.

Mr Marquette was not available, so I spoke with a Deputy Marshal who said is name was CJ.  I explained that I was in Tampa on Tuesday and that I had spoken with Gary Scevola who did not have a problem with me handing out FIJA brochures on the sidewalk.  CJ told me that it was okay to distribute the brochures on the side.

I went down stairs and started to hand out the brochures to passers by.  When I put my bag on the wall to get out a bottle of water a guard told me that I could not put my bag on the wall.  He also told me that I can not lean on the walls or the rail.  

Just before lunch two facebook friends Scott Olver and John Kurtz showed up and wanted me to go to lunch with them.  We went to talk under the shade of a tree near the wall and again the guard came over and tried to intimidate us, by telling us that we can not be near the walls.

At 12pm we all left and went and had lunch at District Five in Orlando Florida. Scott told me that there was a Campaign For Liberty Meeting that night and he would like me to attended and talk about FIJA, of which I accepted.

After lunch I returned to the Federal Court House in Orlando to carry on distributing FIJA brochures.

I was walking around, so that my body was moving and I walked near the fence, this made the guard come down again and he asked me what I was doing. I said no comment and I asked him what is name was which he declined to answer and asked me what my name was.  It was obvious that this guy was on some kind of power trip and that he was trying to intimidate me.  The guard said to me “You should stop handing out that garbage, no one is reading it”  Just then a guy walked by and I offered him a brochure. He said “No thanks, you gave me one this morning.”  I asked him “Did you read it?”  To which he replied “Yes I did, it was very educational and good information”  To which I replied, with a loud voice, so that the guard could hear me. “That is great, because that guard over there says that it is garbage and no one is reading it!”  The guy said “Well I read it and I disagree.”

Later on a female who was with a prosecution attorney came out of the court house and she was reading part of the brochure that  I had handed to her earlier.  The prosecutor asked if he could have one, in which I handed him a brochure.  He made some comment about “This is all well and good but you have to follow the law”.  I said “What if the law was bad?” And because this guy was close to 7ft tall I said “What if I had the power to make laws, and I made a law that all people over 6ft should be hung, should we follow that law or would it be unjust?” He laughed and walked off.  I watch him go up the street and he stopped and talked with four other individuals who came my way.  I noticed that one of the individuals a male now had the brochure in is hand and in passing he said “Are you being paid for this or are you doing this voluntary?”  At which I said “No comment.”  Later I saw the tall prosecutor and I gave him another brochure A Primer For Prospective Jurors and asked him if he has read and understands The Constitution or does he support tyranny?  He laughed and said that he would read the brochure and walked away.

I left the court house at 4pm and made my way back to my car.  I was approached by a man in a suit, who was a defense attorney from Oklahoma.  He asked “Are you the guy outside the court house handing out information in regards to jury duty?”  I replied “Yes, why?”  He said that the judge brought it up in the court room before the jury went to deliberate. He asked me for some brochures, so I gave him a copy of each one.  I asked the attorney for a business card, but he did not have one on him.

I went to the venue where the Campaign for Liberty meeting was going to be held to gather my thoughts.

The meeting started at 7pm and about 50 people showed up. The Campaign For Liberty had arranged to have two congressional candidates speak. One was Deon Long and the other was Patricia Sullivan. Then it was my turn.

When I spoke to the people at the meeting, I explained what FIJA is and its purpose.  I explained what my job was, and also asked who in the room will come and stand outside the Federal Court House in Orlando with me. I asked for a show of hands in which a third of the rooms hands went up.

In total including my activism outside the court house I gave out approximately 440 brochures.

On Wednesday June 7th 2010 I was invited by Chris LeRoux to a The Restore America Plan meeting at the IHOP restaurant in Tampa, Florida.  The Restore America Plan is also part of The Guardians Of The Free American Republics.  The room was pretty packed with approximately 60 people that were there to talk and discuss restoring America and putting it back into the hands of the people.

The people at this meeting were the average everyday American, and realize that we are all sovereigns, that we are all kings and queens of the land.

I thought that I was invited there to listen and maybe network after the meeting, but they asked the new members to stand up and introduce themselves and speak for about ten minutes.   This was awesome, so I spoke about FIJA ,  my activism, and handed out brochures to people so that they could be educated on FIJA.  I asked if the people in the meeting would join us and I got a very positive response.

When the meeting ended some of the people came up and spoke to me more about FIJA.  They asked for more brochures so that they could hand them out at other meetings, and also to give them to family and friends.

This was a great meeting with great people, I would encourage everyone to get involved with this group.

I gave to the people in this group approximately 400 brochures for them to get educated, to hand to friends and families, and to give out at other meetings that they are involved in. – I will definitely be back to this groups meeting when I am in town.